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Far Right, UK Labour and beyond: antisemitism in Europe today

A change in tone in European politics is leading to the normalisation of antisemitism on the continent according to analyst James Kirchick, who has spent time researching European politics.

James Kirchick discusses Trump, the Middle East and more – Sky...

James Kirchick of the Brookings Institution discusses Trump, Israeli-Palestinian issues, Jeremy Corbyn and other topics on Sky News "Outsiders"

James Kirchick on whether Trump has been good for Israel or...

AIJAC guest James Kirchick, Fellow at the Brookings Institution, explores whether President Trump has been supportive of Israel or clumsy and ill-advised in his approach to the Middle East.

Colin Rubenstein on Palestinian antisemitism

AIJAC Executive Director spoke with Andrew Bolt on Sky News about recent Palestinian antisemitic statements and the wider issue of antisemitism.

Michael Doran on Australia’s approach to Iran

Hudson Institute senior fellow and recent AIJAC visitor Michael Doran appeared on Sky News Australia to talk about Iran and the Middle East "Deal of the Century".

Ahron Shapiro on Todd Sampson’s Body Hack Gaza episode

AIJAC's Ahron Shapiro shows Sky News' Outsiders some of the inaccuracies found in Todd Sampson's Body Hack episode filmed in the Gaza Strip

Australia calls for more Holocaust education to fight antisemitism

During a debate in the United Nations General Assembly this week, Australia encouraged increased Holocaust education as a way of fighting antisemitism.

Efraim Inbar on Australia-Israel relations, Palestinian leadership and Persian Gulf tensions

Professor Efraim Inbar comments on the Australia-Israel relationship, the Palestinian leadership and tensions in the Persian Gulf.

The results are in – Israeli Elections 2019

AIJAC's Israeli election expert Ahron Shapiro has been carefully watching as the results come in. Here he summarises the results, as at Wednesday afternoon (AEST), and tells us what we can expect over the coming days.

Ahron Shapiro on the Israeli election campaign

AIJAC's Ahron Shapiro discusses the upcoming Israeli election on Sky News "Politics HQ", 5 April 2019