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Eran Lerman – Israel’s decision time: The Trump Plan, Iran and regional power struggles

Colonel (res.) Dr. Lerman is the Vice President of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security and an expert on Israel’s foreign relations and the Middle East. He spoke direct from Israel to an AIJAC webinar on 3 June 2020.

Former Indonesian VP Jusuf Kalla: The pandemic, China, Israel, the US and Australia

Former Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla joined a webinar co-hosted by AIJAC. The conversation covered Indonesia's response to COVID-19 and the region's economic status; Indonesia's relations with Australia, the United States and China; and the challenges and opportunities for progress in Indonesian-Israeli relations.

Sarit Zehavi: Northern Exposure – Israel’s Greatest Threat?

Sarit Zehavi, from Alma Research and Education Centre in Israel, talks us through the current security threat posed by Hezbollah, and its patron Iran, along Israel's border with Syria and Lebanon.

Michael Rubin – Can Iranian and Turkish regional ambitions survive COVID-19?

Michael Rubin addressed Iranian and Turkish regional ambitions as well as wider Middle East questions for an AIJAC webinar on 13 May 2020. 

Yossi Kuperwasser: The New Antisemitism and the Threat to Israel’s National Security

Brig. Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser is a senior fellow at the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs. A former intelligence and security official in Israel, he also served as director-general of the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs.

Walter Russell Mead – Who will lead the post-pandemic world?

Professor Walter Russell Mead spoke directly from Washington DC to an AIJAC online conversation on "Who will lead the post-pandemic world?"

Dr Einat Wilf – Pandemic, the Palestinians and peace prospects

Dr Einat Wilf spoke directly from Israel to an AIJAC webinar on the pandemic, the Palestinians and peace prospects on 22 April 2020.

Ehud Yaari on Israel’s new National Emergency Government

Veteran Israeli commentator Ehud Yaari discusses the formation of Israel's new National Emergency Government after a year of political stalemate with Bev O'Connor on ABC News 24.

Jonathan Schanzer: Iran’s aim is to complete the Shi’ite crescent and surround Israel

Foundation for Defense of Democracies expert Dr. Jonathan Schanzer explains the strategic aims of the Iranian regime, including their quest for regional hegemony and plans to surround Israel with precision-guided munitions.

Jonathan Schanzer: Why 2020 is the year of the Iranian precision-guided missile

Foundation for Defense of Democracies'  expert Jonathan Schanzer explains why 2020 is the year of the Iranian precision-guided missile, and why Israel, the US and Saudi Arabia are so concerned about this development.