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AIJAC congratulates Coalition and Morrison on their re-election

AIJAC congratulates Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the entire Coalition on their most impressive re-election.

Greens foreign policy would make Australia less safe

If elected to a position of influence, the Greens’ foreign policy would put Australians at greater risk when facing global security threats.

AIJAC mourns the passing of Bob Hawke

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) mourns the passing of Bob Hawke, one of Australia's greatest statesmen, and a much-beloved friend of both the Australian Jewish community and of Israel.

Netanyahu’s re-election was Israel’s liberal democracy in action

The re-election of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been described by some of his critics as a blow to democracy, or as evidence of Israel’s progression towards becoming an ‘illiberal democracy’.

Eurovision and the Greens’ green light for BDS

With all the excitement about Australia being in the Eurovision grand final, it’s worth recalling that last May, Lee Rhiannon, a Greens senator at the time, pressured then SBS managing director Michael Ebeid to drop its broadcast because it would be held in Tel Aviv and therefore “could impact on Palestinians”.

When terrorist groups add cyber-capabilities to their bombs and bullets

If the reports of Hamas targeting vital infrastructure are true, it means Iran has likely sought to pass its formidable knowhow on to the group.

Campus fiasco highlights the disastrous consequences of Palestinian “anti-normalisation” activism

An ideal scenario one would think: the two leading software companies in the Palestinian territories arrive at a Palestinian university to offer jobs to Palestinian students at a time of high unemployment amongst young Palestinians.

Yom Hazikaron 5779: Sixteen more reasons to grieve

The four Israelis killed on May 5 in Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s massive rocket barrage and guided anti-tank missile attack increased to 16 the number to be added this year to Israel’s list of over 23,000 fallen to be commemorated for Yom Hazikaron

AIJAC condemns latest Hamas rocket attacks on Israel

In the wake of the nearly 700 rockets fired into Israel over the weekend, killing 4 and injuring dozens of Israelis, the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) today condemned Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad for their "callous, obscene contempt for human life"

Letter: Voice of Mandela

I THINK one more important voice can be added to Peter Wertheim’s excellent response to Greg Barns’s comparison of Israel to Apartheid South Africa (Talking Point, April 26). That voice comes from no less an authority on apartheid than Nelson Mandela himself.