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Statement on the death of Aiia Maasarwe

AIJAC has released a statement on the death of Israeli citizen Aiia Maasarwe.

The ABC’s unhealthy coverage of Gaza’s antibiotic resistance problem

An ability to differentiate genuine news from propaganda is a basic skill required of journalists – whether you work for a high school newspaper...

Will Malaysian PM Mahathir get away with victimising Israeli Paralympic swimmers?

As expected, Malaysia’s recycled Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has resumed his Israel-hating ways, this time taking out his bigotry on, of all people, paralympic swimmers.

A real political football

How has a situation arisen where the football teams of two neighbouring populations play in different continental competitions? Simple: boycotts.

Understanding Israel’s chaotic election campaign: AIJAC’s guide to the fast-changing political...

AIJAC’s quick guide to recent political developments in Israel

Settlements growth decreases, but not in the eyes of Peace Now,...

On January 4, The Australian published a highly speculative and misleading AP article touting claims by the Israeli anti-settlement NGO Peace Now that inaccurately stated a...

AIJAC mourns two Israeli giants – Amos Oz and Moshe Arens

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) mourns the loss of two great Israelis - Amos Oz and Moshe Arens. Arens, who passed away on...

Israel is not Bethlehem’s enemy

Anton Salman — who prior to becoming Bethlehem's mayor, was a lawyer — shamelessly exploited genuine interest at Christmas in the traditional birthplace of Jesus (The Australian, December 26) to advance a dangerous and deluded anti-Israel agenda devoid of fact or historical accuracy.

AIR New Zealand: Wellington’s UN votes cause concern

New Zealand’s UN voting record on Israel has been highly problematic in recent years. Over the course of his term, former foreign minister Murray McCully consistently refused to condemn Palestinian terrorism.

Labor should match Morrison’s stance on Israel

Despite agreement on the need for action, the paths being pursued by the two major political parties are quite different... While the Prime Minister's declarations have not yet achieved bipartisan support, achieving that outcome remains a worthy objective.