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PA Agrees – Iran behind Gaza border violence

The Palestinian battle against Israel has almost always been intrinsically linked to external powers, and the ongoing Hamas-directed violent riots along the Gaza security fence are no exception.

Terror beneath the sea

Since its bloody takeover of the Gaza strip in 2007, Hamas has been busy digging. This underground effort was not supposed to ameliorate the lives of the Strip's two million residents by building infrastructure, expanding irrigation, taking care of sewage or looking for cleaner water sources.

After Abbas

Hamas rolls out new terror innovation: the "Molotov kite"

Hamas rolls out new terror innovation: the “Molotov kite”

Violent indoctrination no way to treat a Palestinian child

Violent indoctrination no way to treat a Palestinian child

Is Iran behind the latest attacks on Israel from Gaza?

Is Iran behind the latest attacks on Israel from Gaza?

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Iran and the Trump-Kim Nuclear Summit

This Update deals with the possible ramifications for the Middle East of the summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un in Singapore on Tuesday - with a special focus on how it might affect the efforts to contain Iran's nuclear program. 

Gaza’s Economy, Gaza Violence / Bibi’s Europe Trip

This Update features two pieces on the difficult economic situation in Gaza – and the postulated link between that economic situation and the violence which has emanated from Gaza, plus a look at Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's major trip to Europe this week to meet with the leaders of Germany, France and the UK.

A wave of rockets and mortars from Gaza

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week saw the most significant rocket and mortar attacks on Israel from Gaza since the 2014 Gaza war. In all, well over 180 rockets and mortars were fired into Israel over a 48 hour period
Is Iran behind the latest attacks on Israel from Gaza?

Is Iran behind the latest attacks on Israel from Gaza?

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (IJ) is clearly the main culprit behind the fierce mortar and rocket attacks on Israel that began Tuesday, and saw more than 130 rockets and mortars fired into Israel by Wednesday morning.... the heaviest bombardment that Israel has suffered since the end of the 2014 Gaza war....Yet while the PIJ may have carried out the latest aggression against Israel, it was likely devised by Iran.

Mike Pompeo announces new comprehensive US policy toward Iran

On Monday, May 21, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a key speech in Washington outlining a new comprehensive US strategy for confronting problematic Iranian behaviour across a variety of areas - not only nuclear, but also missiles, support for terrorism, destablising neighbours, involvement in the Syria and Yemen conflict
No doubt Hamas controls the Gaza protests

No doubt Hamas controls the Gaza protests

Amid the massive local coverage, Hamas' involvement in orchestrating the protests on the Gaza-Israel border and the attempts to breach the fence has been reported as a matter of speculation, rather than fact. However, mounting evidence should end the debate.

Australian Israel Review - Latest Edition

Essay: The Foresight of Bernard Lewis

The vast range of his humanist erudition, his mastery of difficult languages, and his command of every nuance of English, inspired veneration and envy. Bernard tended kindly to generations of students, rewarded friendship with loyalty, imparted his wisdom to statesmen, and fought many good fights. He loved his adopted country, America, and his ancestral land, Israel. And he had an abiding respect and empathy for the civilisation of Islam.

Biblio File: Innovation Nation

As Israel celebrated its 70 years of independence, the nation took stock of its achievements - from democratic milestones to cinematic, political, security and artistic breakthroughs.

So it is very fitting that a new book lays out how Israeli technologies are making a global impact.

Noted and Quoted – June 2018

ABC Radio National "Breakfast" host Hamish Macdonald was adamant that he knew Israel's response on May 14 was unjustified.