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Iran’s continuing cyber-mischief during the coronavirus crisis 

Iranian hackers and propaganda networks have been working overtime during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Israel’s High Court won’t nix Gantz-Netanyahu deal: Gov’t on track to...

In green-lighting the Gantz-Netanyahu deal, the Court fell short of fully endorsing it, hinting that even after the agreement is passed, legislation required to fulfil some of the terms of the deal could again be challenged

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Unity Government in Israel cleared to go ahead

Yesterday, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that the coalition deal signed between incumbent PM Binyamin Netanyahu and main rival Benny Gantz on April 20 can go ahead.


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COVID-19 and the Ghost Caliphate

And with all three of these administrations preoccupied with the current pandemic, Islamic State is raising its head. A sharp uptick in ISIS activity has taken place across this space over the last few weeks. 

Biblio File: Muslims and Jews – The ‘original grudge’ theory

Sibony argues that the Muslim bears the non-Muslim ‘other’ an “original grudge,” which has coloured Muslim relations with the Jews living among them since the Koran was written in the seventh century. 

Media Microscope: Between Alpha and Omega

The coronavirus pandemic may have been the alpha and omega of the media’s news focus, but there was still plenty of Middle East coverage, too.