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Russia Intrudes Into the Palestinian Arena

Although Russia is far too weak economically and militarily to actually displace the United States or resolve any crises, it can easily establish itself as a key stakeholder in the conflict as it has in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. 

The US Democratic party’s 2020 draft platform should somewhat reassure most...

With leftists, often with an explicit anti-Israel agenda, taking an increasingly important role in the Democratic party in the US, there has been some trepidation among supporters of Israel concerning what a Democratic administration under Biden might mean for US-Israel relations.

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A China-Iran Alliance?

This Update deals with the implications of reports that Iran and China have completed negotiations on an agreement that would turn the two countries into close economic partners and military allies


Australia/Israel Review - Latest Edition

Pandemic, Pancasila and religion in Indonesia

A particular issue for the turbulent period was manifested by a significant cultural marker of Ramadan in Indonesia, the mudik. This is the local tradition of return by tens of millions of migrants from the cities to their places of origin ahead of Eid al-Fitr

Media Microscope: Much ado about nothing

As many sensible analysts predicted, the Netanyahu Government’s July 1 date to begin extending Israeli sovereignty over parts of the West Bank came and went without anything happening. Nonetheless, most of the media commentariat was still pontificating on the idea.

Lebanon’s new ‘Great Satan’

Dominated by the heavily-armed terrorist group Hezbollah – “The Party of God” – Lebanon is currently facing the worst economic crisis in its history.