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Jamal Rifi, anti-normalisation and the campaign to prevent Israelis being treated...

The widely-reported attacks on Lebanese-Australian Doctor Jamal Rifi’s involvement in an apolitical charity that helps critically-ill Palestinian children and improves the training of Palestinian medical staff have exposed the ugliness underlying the Palestinian-led “anti-normalisation” campaign against Israel.

As Parke doubles down on “Israel Lobby” accusations, ALP needs to...

Melissa Parke remains a leading member of WA Labor Friends of Palestine. Her influence, limited though it may be, should not be allowed to degrade her party’s long-time support for strong ties between Australia and Israel.

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The planned Bahrain conference on Palestinian welfare

This Update is devoted to the prospects of the upcoming "peace to prosperity" workshop to promote Palestinian economic welfare, to be held in Manama, Bahrain on June 25-26. The workshop, announced by the Trump Administration two weeks ago, is designed to be the first stage in the Administration's "Deal of the Century" Israeli-Palestinian peace plan


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Biblio File: Revisiting a Revolution

It is no surprise that with the approach of the 40th anniversary of the Iranian revolution we are witnessing a plethora of books and articles, as well as conferences and seminars, on Iran and its troubled neighbourhood. 

Noted and Quoted – June 2019

Deadly messages Australian media coverage of the ferocious barrage of more than 600 rockets fired from Gaza at Israel on May 4 and 5, which...

Deconstruction Zone: Palestinians need to get real about Israel

Neither Hamas, which alternates between firing rockets and begging Israel to admit to Gaza the supplies it needs to stay in power, nor the Palestinian Authority (PA), which is compromised by corruption and divided by factionalism, can find a viable policy either to defeat the Israelis or to make peace with them.