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The Callous Indifference to the Murder of an Israeli Teen

A 19-year-old young Israeli woman, Ori Ansbacher, was brutally raped and killed in the Jerusalem Forest on Feb. 7. A Palestinian man Arafat Irfaiya, 29,...

Venezuela’s much depleted Jewish community – waiting and hoping

While of course events in Venezuela are still very much up in the air, for a community long in decline, there is today new reason to hope, however warily, for Venezuela’s Jews.

Israel election campaign update

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UNIFIL and the Hezbollah tunnels

This Update is devoted to the issue of the questions raised about UNIFIL, the UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon, by Israel's discovery of a series of underground cross-border tunnels dug by Hezbollah into Israeli territory from Lebanon.

Israel’s “Operation Northern Shield” against Hezbollah’s cross-border tunnels

Update from AIJAC Update 12/18 #01 This Update focuses on Israel's Operation "Northern Shield", announced on Tuesday, which is designed to find tunnels dug by Hezbollah...

Latest revelations on Iranian nuclear warehouse and archives

This Update is devoted to some new revelations about both the Iranian nuclear archives - captured by Israel earlier this year and revealed publicly on April 30 - and about an alleged Iranian nuclear storage warehouse revealed by Israeli PM Netanyahu on Sept. 27. It also features a report on concerns in Israel that Iran is preparing to escalate violence along Israel's northern border with Syria and Lebanon.

New Round of US Sanctions on Iran

This Update discusses the details and possible effects of the new round of US sanctions - focussed upon Iran's financial and energy sectors - which came into effect this week, following an earlier round of sanctions imposed in August.

Bottom-up peace hopes?/ Netanyahu in Oman

Today's Update features two pieces suggesting there may be hopes for a different model of moving toward a two-state Israeli-Palestinian peace. It also includes an analysis of the significance of Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu's surprise visit to Oman last Friday.

Australian Israel Review - Latest Edition

Essay: Arafat and the Ayatollahs

Although the heady days of February 1979 would soon give way to tensions, the Palestinians were integral to both the Islamic Revolution and to the formation of the Khomeinist regime.

Noted and Quoted – February 2019

An ABC report wrongly inferred that Israel is spearheading the development of predictive intelligence software to identify potential terrorists

Europa Europa: Hatred in the air

The gilets jaunes are, apparently, leaderless and their grievances largely inchoate, apart from their obsession with antisemitic sloganeering. The movement was sparked by an increase in fuel tax, but nothing seems capable of assuaging their anger

The JCPOA, three years on