Dateline Jerusalem

Lyons’ blatant twisting of an email demonstrates the shallowness and unprofessionalism of his latest monograph

October 7, 2021 | Jamie Hyams

Sometimes the veracity of a piece of writing can be easily assessed from the way one source document is used, or misused. This is certainly the case with John Lyons’ latest publication, Dateline Jerusalem: Journalism’s toughest assignment.

From left: Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Three UN General Assembly Speeches – Iran, the PA and Israel

October 1, 2021 | Oved Lobel

Every September, the UN Assembly is addressed by most of the world’s national leaders. Below is AIJAC’s analysis of this year’s speeches by three of those leaders – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli PM Naftali Bennett.

Protesters at a Melbourne anti-lockdown protest hold a poster with the French word “Qui” on it. “Qui” is a codeword used by white supremacists to imply Jews (Image: screenshot)

Antisemitic streak seen in Melbourne protests

September 30, 2021

International Atomic Energy Agency Director-General Rafael Grossi (source: Dean_Calma)

IAEA crisis regarding Iran escalates

September 27, 2021

Osama Bin Laden interviewed on Al Jazeera, October 2001 (credit: Maher Attar/Sygma/Corbis via Globovisión)

Al Jazeera, Qatar and the Taliban

August 31, 2021

Melbourne anti-lockdown protest (screenshot)

The covert antisemitism at the Melbourne anti-lockdown protest on Saturday

August 26, 2021

The Raisi Government and Iran’s internal crises

The 20th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001 occasioned many reflections on not only what happened on that day, but also what has happened since and where the world can go from here. (Photo: Flickr | Creator: Picasa 2.0)

Selected analysis from the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks

With the Taliban now in control of the vast majority of Afghanistan, the world needs to swiftly deprive them, and allies such as al-Qaeda, of the resources needed to carry out external attacks (Image:  Naeblys, Shutterstock)

Confronting terrorism after the Afghanistan withdrawal

(Credit: Anton Watman/ Shutterstock)

A post-Afghanistan policy for Iran

September 23, 2021 | Andrea Stricker, Behnam ben Taleblu

It’s always hard to admit when you’re wrong – this is true for the Biden Administration’s disastrous exit from Afghanistan as well as its flawed approach to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Europa Europa: Janus in Brussels

September 23, 2021 | Alex Benjamin

A recent Eurobarometer survey found that 36% of the general public think that antisemitism is increasing, while another found that almost 90% of Jewish respondents have this view.

Dara Horn's stories of Anne Frank (left) and Varian Fry reveal how Jews are sometimes used as props for moral causes (Source: Wikipedia)

Biblio File: Death becomes them

September 20, 2021 | Elliott Abrams

How can a book filled with anger, a book about antisemitism and titled People Love Dead Jews, be delectable at the same time? The novelist Dara Horn has done it, combining previously published pieces in a work that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

(Credit: Shutterstock)

Media Microscope: The Prison Doctor?

Sep 20, 2021

To make anti-Israel charges stick, activists have to erase the fact that a Palestinian state could today be more than a decade old if successive Palestinian leaders had not said no to Israeli peace offers (Credit: Shutterstock/ Roman Yanushevsky)

Essay: Critical Omissions

Sep 20, 2021

Hanif Bismi (YouTube Screenshot)

Pro-Iran propaganda on 5 News

Sep 20, 2021

Regional capitals have been seeing signs of a US trend toward military disengagement from the Mideast since at least 2010 (Source: US Army/Flickr)

The Middle East adjusts to US retreat

Sep 17, 2021

(Credit: Shutterstock)

Noted and Quoted – October 2021

Sep 17, 2021

New kids on the terrorist block – an ISIS-K propaganda video

The Rise of ISIS-K

Sep 17, 2021

Densus 88: Indonesia's elite counterterror force (Source: Creative Commons)

Asia Watch: A waiting game

Sep 17, 2021

(Source: Twitter)

Deconstruction Zone: Islamism’s brutal face on display

Sep 17, 2021

Taliban show off US-supplied military hardware (Source: Twitter)

Behind the News – October 2021

Sep 17, 2021