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Australian neo-Nazis stand with convicted British terrorist

December 17, 2021 | AIJAC staff

Australian neo-Nazis have staunchly defended Ben Raymond, a Brit who was jailed earlier this month for eight years for his involvement in the banned terrorist group, National Action.

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The “Sydney Statement on anti-Palestinianism”: An Analysis

December 8, 2021 | Judy Maynard

The fact that the AAF thought it appropriate to draft a statement like this one on “anti-Palestinianism” in response to the IHRA definition is both odd and concerning. The IHRA definition is straightforward and unobjectionable…

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New “Magnitsky” laws should apply to Iranian abusers

December 6, 2021

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Is Iran “breaking out slowly” towards a bomb?

December 2, 2021

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Greens miss the mark with antisemitism policy

November 26, 2021

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Iranian Kittens in Cyberspace

November 25, 2021

Talks have recommenced at this hotel in Vienna (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Beyond the Vienna nuclear talks with Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is greeted by Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed at his private palace in Abu Dhabi, Dec. 13, 2021. (Credit: Haim Zach/ IGPO)

The State of the Abraham Accords

After a hiatus of more than five months, during which Iran advanced its nuclear enrichment efforts significantly and also imposed increasing restrictions on inspectors, talks on Iran's nuclear program are resuming in Vienna (Image: artpage, shutterstock).

Back to the Nuclear Negotiating Table

“The United Nations is a place where lies are told” – Daniel Patrick Moynihan (Source: United Nations)

Essay: Fighting back

December 17, 2021 | Anne Bayefsky

“The United Nations is a place where lies are told.” So said Daniel Patrick Moynihan on Nov. 10, 1975. As America’s ambassador to the UN, Moynihan was addressing the General Assembly after it had adopted a resolution declaring the self-determination of the Jewish people – Zionism – to be a form of racism. 

Dr Sheree Trotter - co-founder of the Holocaust and Antisemitism Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand (screenshot)

AIR New Zealand: Maori for Jewish Indigenousness

December 17, 2021 | Miriam Bell

In New Zealand, Maori are tangata whenua, the people of the land, and the land is critical to their identity. That is the case for the Jewish people, too.

What do Germans who watched the Holocaust happen have to say for themselves today? (Image: Focus Features)

Cine File: The Bystanders

December 17, 2021 | Linda Marric

In 2008, Luke Holland began interviewing the last living generation of Germans who had lived and even participated in Hitler’s barbaric persecution of Jews.

Time to stop tolerating the harassment, bullying and violence which taints so much of social media (Credit: Shutterstock)

The Last Word: Think Good

Dec 17, 2021

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Asia Watch: Squashed out

Dec 17, 2021

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Deconstruction Zone: Has Hamas changed?

Dec 17, 2021

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More Australian conspiracy theories

Dec 17, 2021

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Noted and Quoted – January 2022

Dec 16, 2021

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei with President Ibrahim Raisi: No US concessions or messaging will change their paranoid worldview (Source:

How Teheran views the nuclear talks

Dec 16, 2021

Together with UAVs and air defence systems, exports of precision-guided missiles are the key to Iran’s quest for regional hegemony (Credit: Shutterstock)

The weapons that drive the Iranian regional threat

Dec 16, 2021

Webinar guests (L-R, Top to Bottom) Alexander Downer; David Schenker; Karen Mock; Behnam Ben Taleblu; Ehud Yaari; Irwin Cotler; Tal Becker; Seth Frantzman and David Rich

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Dec 15, 2021

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Media Microscope: Nuke and Neck

Dec 15, 2021