Malaysian PM Anwar with the late Iranian President Raisi in Kuala Lumpur, November 2023 (Image: Facebook/Anwar Ibrahim)

Malaysia’s role in supporting Iran’s terrorism

May 23, 2024 | Alana Schetzer

Iran is using Malaysia as a gateway to finance its terrorism activities – including Hamas’ ongoing deadly attacks against Israel – according to the United States Government.

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Claiming the International Court of Justice found accusations of genocide against Israel were “plausible” is just false

May 21, 2024 | Greg Rose

An ABC online report on May 15 2024 misreported a decision of the UN’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Israel. They said that the ICJ decided that South Africa’s “accusations of genocide were plausible.” Similar language has often been used by other media outlets as well.

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar (Image: Shutterstock)

Hamas’ so-called ceasefire “acceptance” is just spin to pressure Israel

May 7, 2024

Aid trucks crossing into Gaza in May 2021 (image: Shutterstock/Anas-Mohammed)

Aid delivery and distribution in Gaza: Logistical and security bottlenecks

May 3, 2024

Palestinian Red Crescent workers from Al-Najjar Hospital in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, on January 10, 2024 (Image: Shutterstock)

Hamas’ impossible casualty figures

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After the Israel-Hamas ceasefire for hostages deal

Image: Facebook

Australia’s failing campus report card

May 22, 2024 | Tammy Reznik

Jewish students on campus have felt so aggrieved and threatened by the level of aggression and attacks at these camps, that many have simply stayed away from university. Moreover, many institutions are effectively encouraging students and Jewish staff to stay away “for their own safety,” as one teacher was told in an email.

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The UN’s slippery slope is now a chasm

May 21, 2024 | Justin Amler

When the United Nations General Assembly passed yet another “Palestine” resolution on May 10 this year, it demonstrated that the immoral slippery slope that the UN had been on for so many years is no longer a slope, but a cliff over which all common sense, logic, decency and morality have fallen

Eden Golan performs 'Hurricane' at Eurovision 2024 (image: screenshot)

Holding on to hope in the eye of a hurricane

May 17, 2024 | Rabbi Ralph Genende

At the end of her song, Golan sings a few Hebrew sentences that make my heart sing: “You don’t need big words, just prayers. Even if it’s hard to see, you will always be for me a small singular ray of light”. In dark and dangerous times we need to reach out and grasp every bit of light we can find, and spread it wide and far.

Israeli PM Netanyahu with Gilad Shalit following the lop-sided 2011 prisoner swap deal that led to his freedom (Image: Isranet)

Essay: Redeeming the hostages

April 26, 2024 | Seth Mandel

The baby-faced corporal’s return was practically a national holiday in Israel. But for Israelis today, the most salient detail of the Shalit trade might be the sobering fact that one of the men released from prison in return for Shalit’s freedom was Yahya Sinwar.

The anti-Israel schadenfreude which followed the Iranian attack on Israel represents a disturbing side of human nature (Image: X/Twitter)

The Last Word: The iniquity of schadenfreude

April 26, 2024 | Rabbi Ralph Genende

At that time a friend of mine was driving out of Jerusalem towards his home in Tel Aviv. As he drove past several Arab villages, he noticed flares above them. His first thought these were part of the Iranian barrage, but quickly realised they were in fact fireworks in celebration of the onslaught on Israel.

Yayha Sinwar: The “Butcher of Khan Yunis” who became the mastermind of October 7 (Image: Shutterstock)

Demented or just diabolical

April 26, 2024 | Judith Miller

Sinwar studied his enemy assiduously. He read Israeli newspapers, took classes in Jewish history through the prison’s “open university”, and spoke about Hamas’ goals – the expulsion of all Jews from Palestine, the duty to implement God’s laws as given to Muhammad on all sacred Muslim soil.

A meeting between Israeli leaders and officials and their US counterparts to discuss Gaza (Image: Flickr)

Rafah: Squaring the circle

Apr 26, 2024

Image: Shutterstock

Biblio File: Navigating the diplomatic labyrinth

Apr 26, 2024

NZ Foreign Minister Winston Peters at the UN (Screenshot)

AIR New Zealand: Grading NZ’s new government 

Apr 26, 2024

Image: Shutterstock

Media Microscope: Beyond all recognition?

Apr 26, 2024

Yahya Sinwar and his brother Mohammed, who has long been his irreplaceable right-hand man (Image: X/Twitter)

Sinwar and the Hamas leadership abroad

Apr 26, 2024

Palestinians an injured man after an Israeli airstrike in Rafah, Gaza (Image: Anas Mohammed/ Shutterstock)

Deconstruction Zone: Citing Hamas’ Gaza casualty claims amounts to journalistic malpractice 

Apr 26, 2024

Products in these stores caused outrage in Malaysia (Image: Facebook)

Asia Watch: Hypersensitivities

Apr 26, 2024

The Israeli Air Force: One of several military tools that can be employed in the expected response to the Iranian attack (Image: Flickr)

How should Israel respond to Iran? 

Apr 22, 2024

Iran is today prepared to openly employ its missiles because it sees itself part of a wider global coalition that includes Russia and China (Image: X/Twitter)

The Coalition of the Malevolent

Apr 22, 2024