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Antisemitic vandalism during this federal election campaign ― why is it...

The swastika has made frequent appearances during the 2019 federal election campaign. This is upsetting, but not really surprising given the fact that Jewish communities around the world have recorded a recent increase in antisemitic activity.

Swastika: a dangerous cameo actor in the 2019 Australian election

The swastika has made an all too frequent appearance during the 2019 Federal Election campaign.

AIJAC Statement on the Synagogue shooting in San Diego

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) is horrified by the shooting at the Chabad Poway Synagogue in San Diego, in which one person, Lori Gilbert-Kaye z"l, was murdered and three other innocent people suffered injuries requiring hospitalisation.

AIR New Zealand: Unity jarred by antisemitism

In the days and weeks following the massacre at the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre, which left 50 people dead and over 45 seriously injured, New Zealanders widely came together in unity... But, in the midst of all this, there were some discordant notes.

Dangerous Israel obsessions in the ALP

Is the ALP heading down the road of its British counterpart, where the party has been rocked by scandal after scandal related to amply documented claims of antisemitism since Jeremy Corbyn took the leadership in 2015?

Letter in The Age: Here’s your answer

Tony Walker's question "Where are the boundaries between acceptable criticism of Israel's behaviour, and criticism that might be interpreted as prejudiced?" is easily answered (Comment, 18/4).

Toe to Toe

AIJAC submitted a series of 12 policy questions to the campaigns of both Prime Minister Scott Morrison, leading the Liberal-National Coalition, and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, leading the Australian Labor Party (ALP), to help our readers and supporters make an informed decision as they go to the polls on May 18.

Biblio File: A History of the Present

In countries which have had long traditions of antisemitism and short periods of neutrality or even philosemitism, old attitudes are returning to the fore. In societies which never seemed to find a problem with their own antisemitism, the most anti-Jewish voices seem to be growing ever louder. 

Europa Europa: Corbyn’s nightmare

It is no secret that Corbyn, a 30-year maverick of Labour’s backbenches, has somehow unleashed the chemical cocktail that created an eco-system in which antisemitism has been allowed to escape from the darkest recesses and flourish


Two mornings later I arrived at the beach after the sun had risen. I noticed unusual activity – council workmen on a Sunday. As I came closer, I saw that they were hard at work assessing what was needed to be done to repair the damage done by a different feral creature – a person who had vandalised murals by spray painting swastika graffiti