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Two mornings later I arrived at the beach after the sun had risen. I noticed unusual activity – council workmen on a Sunday. As I came closer, I saw that they were hard at work assessing what was needed to be done to repair the damage done by a different feral creature – a person who had vandalised murals by spray painting swastika graffiti

AIR New Zealand: Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism in New Zealand

Issues with the content aside, what was most disturbing about Sachs’ words were that they are presented as being representative of a large part of New Zealand’s Jewish community.

Antisemitism crisis in British Labour reaches new crescendo

The events of the past two weeks make it clear that the antisemitism crisis is likely to continue to tear the British Labour party apart until it is adequately addressed.

The Last Word: Sun, Sand and Swastikas

Swastika graffiti and specific anti-Jewish vandalism occur with disturbing regularity. The most that any perpetrator can gain from any such activity is a sense of power over those who are offended, insulted, harassed and intimidated.

Venezuela’s much depleted Jewish community – waiting and hoping

While of course events in Venezuela are still very much up in the air, for a community long in decline, there is today new reason to hope, however warily, for Venezuela’s Jews.

Mahathir’s rantings can’t poison Paralympics

Call off the search. For its display of rare global moral leadership, Time Magazine's 2019 “Person of the Year” award should unquestionably go to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).  

Europa Europa: Hatred in the air

The gilets jaunes are, apparently, leaderless and their grievances largely inchoate, apart from their obsession with antisemitic sloganeering. The movement was sparked by an increase in fuel tax, but nothing seems capable of assuaging their anger

The Last Word: Beached Fails

They failed to have their “messages” reach an audience of any size, with most media attention given to the failure of some of them to understand that the Nazis were the enemy Australia fought against, not fought alongside, and to the attendance of Senator Fraser Anning

Australian women’s march rallies set an example for the US

The focus of the Australian Women’s March rallies is something which could inspire the US Women’s March, Inc. which has been embroiled by controversy and infighting.

AIJAC commends International Paralympic Committee for principled decision on Malaysia

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is to be commended for its principled, moral decision to prevent Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's Malaysia from hijacking the Paralympic world swimming championships in defiance of the ideals of the international Paralympic movement.