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Australia represented as states recommit to Holocaust remembrance

The Australian Government recommitted to remembering the Holocaust and acknowledging contemporary antisemitism at a meeting in Europe this week.

Jeremy Jones interviewed about antisemitism on ABC Radio “PM”

AIJAC's Jeremy Jones was interviewed on ABC radio's PM programme on January 14 on antisemitism

The Last Word: Minority Reports

It also should go without saying that there is no place for anti-Jewish activity (or any other form of bigotry) in contemporary Australia. However, out of the many hundreds of millions of interactions between Jewish and non-Jewish Australians each year, some of them involve behaviour which is abhorrent and despicable. 

Behind the News – January 2020

According to statistics from the Israeli security agency Shin Bet, more than 2,600 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel from Gaza over the past two years. More than half of these were fired in the past year...

Antisemitism out of No. 10 Downing Street?

Corbyn lies. First, he says that he is doing everything he can to rid the party of antisemitism, but this has been shown to be false.

AIR New Zealand: Wrongs on the Right

There was long a feeling here that the nasty, far-right, neo-Nazi activity and sentiments seen in other countries simply did not happen, or even exist, in New Zealand. That complacent belief was shattered by the Christchurch mosque attacks

Europa Europa: Locked-in syndrome

“I see no indication at all that Corbyn recognises his responsibility for what’s happening, or indeed that he wants to do anything about it,” said Dame Louise Ellman, who resigned after serving as a Labour MP for 22 years.

Antisemitism infects UK election

AIJAC's Colin Rubenstein on UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn: "It is up to the mainstream leadership of society, be it British, Australian or anywhere else, to condemn this extremism, this bigotry and racism, in this case, particularly, the antisemitism"

Jeremy Corbyn reads the words of fallen Jewish soldier-poet but fails...

Isaac Rosenberg is rightfully celebrated as one of the Great War’s greatest poets and “In the Trenches”  is indeed a fitting poem to read in memory of the millions slaughtered on the Western Front.

Europa Europa: Halle and Antisemitism in Germany

The horrific attack on a German synagogue was the second in less than a week – a lethal turn of events that has seemed inevitable as antisemitic crimes have risen in recent years.