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Time to rein in state with deadly intent

With widespread, daily protests in the streets, and shouts of “death to the dictator” heard in Tehran, the Iranian regime is under pressure like seldom before.

Isaac Herzog on the peace prospects, Iran, recognition of Palestinian state

Israeli Opposition leader Isaac Herzog spoke to AIJAC about prospects for peace, containing a nuclear Iran and counter-productive proposals to recognise a Palestinian state.

The case for democratic change in Iran

US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran deal, and to relentlessly pressure the Islamic Republic, has elicited a predictable response. Critics...

Behind the News – July 2018

Large protests took place in Ramallah starting June 10, with protesters demanding that Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas lift harsh sanctions against Gaza

Iranians declare ‘Palestine and Syria are making us miserable!’

Recent anger in Iran is mostly fuelled by the Government’s years-long failure to salvage the crippled economy.

Growing Unrest in Iran

This Update deals with the growing unrest on the streets of Iran in recent weeks, principally over economic matters, and the potential implications of this unrest for international policies to contain Iran's regional aggression, support for terrorism, and efforts to construct weapons of mass destruction

Smarter Sanctions on Iran

When targeting Iran’s oil sector, policymakers should focus more on revenues than sales. That is, even as they take steps to reduce the volume of Iran’s oil sales, their priority should be ensuring that revenues from those sales are locked up

How exposed are Australian businesses in Iran?

In 2016, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told her Iranian counterpart Javad Zarif of “our enthusiasm for enhancing our trade and investment ties” with his country. That same year, Trade Minister Steven Ciobo opened an Austrade office in Teheran...

Pushback against Iran takes shape

A Western strategy of rolling back Iranian encroachment throughout the Middle East is taking shape and has potential for success, according to Middle East analyst Jonathan Spyer

Under Pressure

The decision by US President Donald Trump to pull his country out of the Iran nuclear deal in early May has already wreaked widespread economic damage on Iranians.