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Israeli Innovation, International Partnerships and Coronavirus: An Update

As AIJAC has previously reported (see here and here), Israel has responded to the coronavirus as it has responded to other past crises, with...

Pandemic Pitfalls

While America, Italy, Spain, Iran and many others became cautionary tales of a pandemic spiralling out of control, Israel was an exemplar of what fast and smart policy decisions could accomplish in an emergency. Then it wasn’t.

The Palestinians face coronavirus second wave

As most of the world has been struggling with the highly anticipated second wave of the coronavirus pandemic – including neighbouring Israel, as well as Australia – the West Bank has also become a significant global hotspot.

Second Waves: What can Australia and Israel learn from each other...

On the morning of July 3, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had a phone call with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to discuss dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

Treating a Sick Economy

The tightest restrictions that the Government had imposed in March in response to the coronavirus pandemic had largely been lifted by June. Unfortunately, the dramatic economic impacts of the pandemic could not be as easily reversed.

Europa Europa: Poisoning the Wells

The health crisis is stirring antisemitism around the world, drawing on centuries-old libels that Jews spread infection.

Former Indonesian VP Jusuf Kalla: The pandemic, China, Israel, the US...

Former Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla joined a webinar co-hosted by AIJAC. The conversation covered Indonesia's response to COVID-19 and the region's economic status; Indonesia's relations with Australia, the United States and China; and the challenges and opportunities for progress in Indonesian-Israeli relations.

Iran’s continuing cyber-mischief during the coronavirus crisis 

Iranian hackers and propaganda networks have been working overtime during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

AIR New Zealand: Misinformation campaigns

New Zealand, like Australia, currently seems to be winning its battle on the public health front at least... Yet while we might be in the midst of a global crisis, that’s not enough to stop some people peddling their brand of anti-Israel propaganda. 

The WHO and the myth of neutrality 

The reality is the WHO has been politicising its own work for decades, and this is most clear from its long record of discriminatory and factually dubious treatment of Israeli-Palestinian questions.