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Ahron Shapiro on the Israeli election results [audio]

AIJAC policy analyst Ahron Shapiro examines the preliminary Israeli election results on ABC News Radio.

Ahron Shapiro on the Israeli election campaign

AIJAC's Ahron Shapiro discusses the upcoming Israeli election on Sky News "Politics HQ", 5 April 2019

The homestretch in Israel’s election campaign

This will be the final Update before Israel goes to the polls in a general election next Tuesday, April 9, and offers some analysis of what might happen and how the electoral landscape in Israel currently lies.

Bibi vs. Benny

As Israel’s election day approaches, what are the themes being employed by the parties so far? It’s important to note that such themes are rarely static throughout a campaign, and an issue that was high on a party’s agenda early in the campaign is often replaced overnight in response to current events.

Centre Stage

The centrist ticket has been a feature of Israeli politics since its inception, and indeed was there before Israel’s birth. In fact, Blue and White seems reminiscent of multiple centrist predecessors in terms of its target audience, range of varied candidates, and eclectic ideas.

Israel in Poll-Land

Peres, a winner in polls yet almost always a loser in elections, coined a telling aphorism about political surveys: “Polls are like perfume – you can smell [them] but not drink.”

Israel Election update: Campaign themes

This week's Israeli election campaign update will pause to take stock of the issues the various political parties have chosen to campaign on as...

Israeli election campaign update

Following our last update on February 7 on the developments in the election campaign, as of February 21, the deadline has passed for political...

Israel election campaign update

In an update to our January 11 blog kicking off Israel’s election season ahead of polling day on April 9, AIJAC tracks recent developments...