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Israel Election Watch

Final lists of parties and candidates must be submitted to the Israeli Elections Central Committee by Aug. 1, and discussions are ongoing about potential mergers. 

India/Israel ties look promising in Modi’s second term

Responsible for improved relations with Israel, India's PM Narendra Modi has just been elected for a second term. Israel should expect continued cooperation, especially in the fields of technology, agriculture, weaponry and counter-terrorism efforts.

Fringe Dwellers

Numerous smaller parties were running for election on both the left and the right and in the both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Here is our look at the election performance of the fringe parties of Australian politics

Netanyahu’s re-election was Israel’s liberal democracy in action

The re-election of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been described by some of his critics as a blow to democracy, or as evidence of Israel’s progression towards becoming an ‘illiberal democracy’.

Eurovision and the Greens’ green light for BDS

With all the excitement about Australia being in the Eurovision grand final, it’s worth recalling that last May, Lee Rhiannon, a Greens senator at the time, pressured then SBS managing director Michael Ebeid to drop its broadcast because it would be held in Tel Aviv and therefore “could impact on Palestinians”.

Editorial: Celebrating two democratic elections

Israel just completed its general election on April 9. Australia is set to follow Israel to the polls on May 18. This coincidence is a reminder of the precious democratic values and practices the two nations share in common. 

After close election, Netanyahu set to form next Israeli government

Israel's election is over, and despite the fact that the two largest parties, Likud and Blue and White, finished with only a one-seat difference, it looks virtually certain the incumbent PM Binyamin Netanyahu will form Israel's next government. This Update follows up with some expert analysis of what the result means and its implications for the future. 

Ahron Shapiro on the Israeli election results [audio]

AIJAC policy analyst Ahron Shapiro examines the preliminary Israeli election results on ABC News Radio.

Ahron Shapiro on the Israeli election campaign

AIJAC's Ahron Shapiro discusses the upcoming Israeli election on Sky News "Politics HQ", 5 April 2019

The homestretch in Israel’s election campaign

This will be the final Update before Israel goes to the polls in a general election next Tuesday, April 9, and offers some analysis of what might happen and how the electoral landscape in Israel currently lies.