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The EU, the Trump Administration, and Iran

Update from AIJAC Update 08/18 #03   With the Trump Administration announcing the formation of a new Iran Action Group and the EU recently issuing a statement doubling...

Yet another round of Gaza violence/ The effects of renewed US sanctions on Iran

This Update deals with the latest round of violence centred around Gaza over Wednesday night and Thursday, which saw more than 200 rockets and mortars fired into Israel, several Israelis injured, and Israeli counterstrikes on Hamas targets which led to three Palestinians being killed.

Syrian regime retakes Israel’s Golan border

Update from AIJAC Update 08/18 #02   Last week, Syrian regime forces retook full control of Syria's Golan Heights border with Israel, after that border was largely...

Iran’s economic crisis in the lead-up to new US sanctions

This Update discusses the state of the Iranian economy in the lead up to the re-imposition of US sanctions beginning on Aug 6, following the US withdrawal from the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal in March.

The violent Gaza deadlock revisited/ Israel’s controversial “Nationality Bill”

Last weekend saw yet another round of fighting around Gaza, with 200 rockets and mortars fired into Israel - and 4 Israeli injuries after one struck a house - and Israel hitting Hamas targets in Gaza

Developments in southern Syria

Today's Update looks at the latest developments in southern Syria, as the Assad regime, with the vital assistance of Russia and Iran, moves to retake the area around Daraa and Quneitra, near Israel's border. The ongoing Iranian presence in Syria is a major security challenge for Israel, and there is ongoing tension between the two countries.

Growing Unrest in Iran

This Update deals with the growing unrest on the streets of Iran in recent weeks, principally over economic matters, and the potential implications of this unrest for international policies to contain Iran's regional aggression, support for terrorism, and efforts to construct weapons of mass destruction

Gaza Kite War sparks major escalation of violence

Update from AIJAC June 22, 2018 Update 06/18 #04 Readers may be aware that there was another major rocket attack on Israel from Gaza on Tuesday night,...

Iran and the Trump-Kim Nuclear Summit

This Update deals with the possible ramifications for the Middle East of the summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un in Singapore on Tuesday - with a special focus on how it might affect the efforts to contain Iran's nuclear program. 

Gaza’s Economy, Gaza Violence / Bibi’s Europe Trip

This Update features two pieces on the difficult economic situation in Gaza – and the postulated link between that economic situation and the violence which has emanated from Gaza, plus a look at Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's major trip to Europe this week to meet with the leaders of Germany, France and the UK.