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PA financial crisis/ Fixing the Iran nuclear deal

This Update features material on the growing financial crisis being faced by the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the wake of its refusal to accept tax funds from Israel because of Israel's deduction from these funds of money allocated for "pay for slay" payments to terrorists and their families, and its implications for Palestinian politics.

After close election, Netanyahu set to form next Israeli government

Israel's election is over, and despite the fact that the two largest parties, Likud and Blue and White, finished with only a one-seat difference, it looks virtually certain the incumbent PM Binyamin Netanyahu will form Israel's next government. This Update follows up with some expert analysis of what the result means and its implications for the future. 

The homestretch in Israel’s election campaign

This will be the final Update before Israel goes to the polls in a general election next Tuesday, April 9, and offers some analysis of what might happen and how the electoral landscape in Israel currently lies.

Golan recognition/ Gaza violence

On Monday, during a visit to Washington of Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu, US President Donald Trump signed a declaration on behalf of the US Government, recognising Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights. This Update deals with the background to this decision and why it has been widely welcomed in Israel, while also subject to international criticism.

Tensions rise on Temple Mount, around Gaza

This Update discusses the increasing clashes of recent weeks around the Temple Mount, centred on efforts by the Muslim religious authorities in charge of the area to unilaterally open a new prayer area in the previously closed Gate of Mercy compound on the Mount.

Views and analysis on the Netanyahu indictment decision

This Update is devoted to analysis and opinion on the announcement by Israeli Attorney-General Avishai Mandelblit that he intends to indict Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for fraud, bribery and breach of trust in three criminal cases, pending a hearing.

New Blue and White Alliance shakes up Israeli election campaign

Update from AIJAC   Update 02/19 #04 This Update deals with the dramatic developments in the Israeli election campaign over the past days - particularly the merger...

The Warsaw Summit and the Palestinians/ Lebanon’s new government

This Update is focussed on the Warsaw Conference on Peace and Security in the Middle East that took place yesterday with the participation of more than 60 countries -  which is widely seen as part of a US-led effort to create a new alliance against Iran's destabilising behaviour.

Intelligence and the JCPOA

This Update is devoted to more discussions of the state of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal with Iran, in the wake of testimony last week by US intelligence chiefs, disputed by US President Donald Trump, that Iran is complying with the JCPOA and not actively constructing a nuclear weapon.

What’s behind the PA cabinet’s resignation? / The Lebanese government and Hezbollah

Update from AIJAC Update 02/19 #01 This Update deals with two important political developments in the Middle East this week - the resignation of the Palestinian...