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Palestinian reactions to Israel’s sovereignty plans

In response to Israeli government discussions about a possible extension of Israeli sovereignty to parts of the West Bank as part of the Trump Administration's peace plan,  Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas announced that the PA is 'absolved' of all agreements and understandings with Israel and the US

Ructions over expiring Iran arms embargo

This Update is devoted to an issue likely to dominate international diplomacy regarding Iran over coming months - the ostensible lifting of the UN arms embargo on Iran this coming October under the terms of the JCPOA nuclear deal signed in 2015.

Unity Government in Israel cleared to go ahead

Yesterday, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that the coalition deal signed between incumbent PM Binyamin Netanyahu and main rival Benny Gantz on April 20 can go ahead.

COVID-19 and Antisemitism/ COVID-19 and Arab Israelis

This Update deals with the widely reported uptick in antisemitism that has accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic. It also includes a piece suggesting the pandemic may be improving relations between Israel's Jewish majority and its Arab minority - many of whom work in healthcare. 

Israel finally has a new “national emergency” government

On Monday afternoon Israel time, acting Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu and Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz signed an agreement to form a national emergency government, apparently putting an end to an extended period of political turmoil in Israel, including three elections in a year, and 17 months without a duly elected government.

Iran sanctions and coronavirus/ Coalition negotiations in Israel

This Update focuses upon the debate over the calls by some to ease sanctions on Iran because of the coronavirus crisis - with even presumptive US Democratic candidate for President Joe Biden issuing such a call recently. 

Israel looks headed for unity government/ Coronavirus and Israeli security

After more than a year of political deadlock, Israeli looks headed for a national unity government under a deal that is reportedly close to being finalised between incumbent PM Binyamin Netanyahu and Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz. But Gantz's Blue and White party has split as a result. 

Coronavirus shakes up the Middle East

Following up on the previous Update detailing Israeli and Palestinian efforts to cope with the coronavirus crisis, here is an Update focussed on how countries and groups across the wider Middle East are dealing with it. 

Coronavirus, Israel and the Palestinians

Like almost every Western country, Israel is dealing with the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic - with in excess of 100 cases now. Israel's measures to meet this challenge have been among the toughest in the democratic world

The aftermath of Israel’s March 2 election

What a difference a few days makes in Israeli politics. On Tuesday, in the immediate aftermath of Israel's general election on March 2, the third in a year, exit polls seemed to indicate that incumbent PM Netanyahu of the Likud party had won a convincing victory...