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Dr Jonathan Schanzer to AIJAC Webinar: 2020 – the year of...

In the second of its new Webinar series, the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) hosted Dr Jonathan Schanzer, Senior Vice President for Research at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies in the USA. Dr Schanzer, who previously worked as a terrorism finance analyst at the US Department of the Treasury and testifies often before Congress, spoke on the topic, “Iranian Imperialism under the cover of COVID-19”.

When is a ban not a ban?

It is time Australia listed Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation in the interests of national security and to ensure consistency with our closest allies.

Essay: Victory begins with Defence

"The air defences have racked up some 2,000 interceptions. Imagine what would have happened if those missiles had fallen and each one of them had killed someone. We would have been at war long ago.”

Insights and Admonitions from Ehud Yaari

Israel’s March 2 election, its third in the past 11 months, is likely to lead to another hung parliament, complicating Israel’s security, says Ehud Yaari

Push to list Hezbollah’s military wing as a terrorist group ‘doesn’t...

AIJAC Executive Director Dr Colin Rubenstein spoke to Peta Credlin on Sky News Australia about a proposed ban on Hezbollah's military wing.

AMIA and the new Argentinian government 

The Argentinian Jewish community, and indeed the wider Jewish world, is grappling with the implications of this new Government for the long-stalled investigation into the murderous mass-terror attack on the Asociacion Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) Jewish community building in 1994.

Iran’s “Axis of Resistance” after Soleimani

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has increased his stature in the region following the deaths of Iranian Republican Guard Corps Gen. Qassem Soleimani and Iraq’s Kata’eb Hezbollah leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. He is so sure of himself he has begun commenting about the internal affairs of Iraq

After Soleimani

Upending two decades of established US foreign policy, Trump cared little whether the perpetrators of the embassy attack and the missile strike in Kirkuk came from Iran or were surrogates of Iran based in Iraq. Iran was responsible and Iran paid.

Downplaying the Hezbollah presence in Latin America: A Fisking

The article goes too far in minimising and downplaying Hezbollah and Iranian infrastructure on the continent today.

Lebanon’s new Hezbollah-dominated government

This Update deals with the formation of a new government in Lebanon after three months of political vacuum there - a government that is ostensibly technocratic but is actually dominated by individuals affiliated with the Shi'ite terrorist group and Iranian proxy Hezbollah