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A Changing UN General Assembly?: UN condemns use of human shields

On June 26, the UN General Assembly, in a first, amended its Global Counter Terrorism Strategy to condemn the use of civilians as human shields...

Scribblings: Blockade Mentality

According to reports, the Palestinian Authority (PA) recently threatened to end security cooperation with Israel if the blockade of Gaza is lifted. Read the previous sentence carefully. There is no missing word in it...

Gaza Kite War sparks major escalation of violence

Update from AIJAC June 22, 2018 Update 06/18 #04 Readers may be aware that there was another major rocket attack on Israel from Gaza on Tuesday night,...

PA Agrees – Iran behind Gaza border violence

The Palestinian battle against Israel has almost always been intrinsically linked to external powers, and the ongoing Hamas-directed violent riots along the Gaza security fence are no exception.

Terror beneath the sea

Since its bloody takeover of the Gaza strip in 2007, Hamas has been busy digging. This underground effort was not supposed to ameliorate the lives of the Strip's two million residents by building infrastructure, expanding irrigation, taking care of sewage or looking for cleaner water sources.

Gaza’s Economy, Gaza Violence / Bibi’s Europe Trip

This Update features two pieces on the difficult economic situation in Gaza – and the postulated link between that economic situation and the violence which has emanated from Gaza, plus a look at Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's major trip to Europe this week to meet with the leaders of Germany, France and the UK.

Hamas rolls out new terror innovation: the “Molotov kite”

Hamas has a new tool in its terror arsenal: Flaming kites, which have caused millions of dollars of damage to Israeli farms and forests.

The “Great Return March” Campaign in Hamas’ own words

Organisers of the campaign noted on more than one occasion that the goal of the march was to breach the border and advance on Israeli communities in the area, even at the cost of Palestinian lives.

Deconstruction Zone: The War on Palestinian Agency

Palestinian Arabs are human beings, which means they are possessed of free will, agency, and the natural capacity to reason like any other people. This basic, incontestable anthropological reality needs to be frequently restated today since our media and foreign-policy establishment has apparently concluded the opposite.

A wave of rockets and mortars from Gaza

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week saw the most significant rocket and mortar attacks on Israel from Gaza since the 2014 Gaza war. In all, well over 180 rockets and mortars were fired into Israel over a 48 hour period