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Former IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. (ret.) Peter Lerner on the latest...

Former IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. (ret.) Peter Lerner speaking to ABC-TV News 24 on November 14 about the latest Israel-Gaza flare up.

Behind the News – November 2018

Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu, speaking at the UN General Assembly, outlined accusations that Iran was maintaining a secret atomic warehouse just outside Teheran, near Shourabad. 

Boaz Ganor discusses terrorism, radicalisation and its sponsors

Prof. Boaz Ganor of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Israel appeared on Sky News Australia's "Outsiders" program, broadcast 4 November 2018.

Noted and Quoted – November 2018

Fairfax international editor Peter Hartcher was quoted all over the media condemning PM Morrison’s announcement in extreme terms

Boaz Ganor on “lone-wolf” terrorism

Prof. Boaz Ganor of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Israel spoke at the Sydney Institute about "lone-wolf" terrorism and responses to it.

Fighting over a Peace Plan that doesn’t exist

While Palestinian hatred for Trump and his administration does not come as a surprise, what is strange is that the two Palestinian factions – Fatah in the West Bank and Hamas in the Gaza Strip – are now using President Trump’s awaited plan to throw mud at one another.

Bottom-up peace hopes?/ Netanyahu in Oman

Today's Update features two pieces suggesting there may be hopes for a different model of moving toward a two-state Israeli-Palestinian peace. It also includes an analysis of the significance of Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu's surprise visit to Oman last Friday.

Scribblings: Don’t give Turkey a pass in Khashoggi affair

Turkey sees Saudi Arabia as a key rival and is attempting to milk the Khashoggi murder to inflict as much damage on Saudi Arabia as it can, as well as pump up the international status of the Islamist Erdogan government in Ankara

Yossi Kuperwasser on Jerusalem and the peace process

AIJAC guest Brig. Gen. Yossi Kuperwasser of the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs discusses embassy moves to Jerusalem and Israeli-Palestinian relations.

Editorial: Beyond conventional wisdom

The Prime Minister’s decision to consider moving the embassy to Jerusalem and review the Iran nuclear deal are appropriate and emphatically in our national interest. To argue otherwise is to cling to outdated positions while remaining blind to the changes which have taken place