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The ABC’s unhealthy coverage of Gaza’s antibiotic resistance problem

An ability to differentiate genuine news from propaganda is a basic skill required of journalists – whether you work for a high school newspaper...

A real political football

How has a situation arisen where the football teams of two neighbouring populations play in different continental competitions? Simple: boycotts.

Settlements growth decreases, but not in the eyes of Peace Now,...

On January 4, The Australian published a highly speculative and misleading AP article touting claims by the Israeli anti-settlement NGO Peace Now that inaccurately stated a...

Israel is not Bethlehem’s enemy

Anton Salman — who prior to becoming Bethlehem's mayor, was a lawyer — shamelessly exploited genuine interest at Christmas in the traditional birthplace of Jesus (The Australian, December 26) to advance a dangerous and deluded anti-Israel agenda devoid of fact or historical accuracy.

Labor should match Morrison’s stance on Israel

Despite agreement on the need for action, the paths being pursued by the two major political parties are quite different... While the Prime Minister's declarations have not yet achieved bipartisan support, achieving that outcome remains a worthy objective.

Deconstruction Zone: A free pass for terrorists

On Dec. 1, the United Nations had an opportunity to speak with moral clarity and denounce the terrorist group Hamas. Instead, the General Assembly (UNGA) rejected a US-sponsored resolution that called for an end to violence, encouraged intra-Palestinian reconciliation, and condemned terrorism.

Behind the News – January 2019

Police recommend charging Bibi On Dec. 2, Israel Police recommended indicting Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, on charges of bribery, fraud...

Essay: Counter-terrorism from the Inside

Sitting in his living room in the Kfar Adumim settlement, Arieli summarised the doctrine: “It’s about preventing terrorism before it even grows.”

The Arab loss of interest in Palestine

On the stage and behind the scenes, there seemed much more appetite for normalisation with Israel. Oman’s Foreign Minister said it quite clearly when he called on the Arab world to “come to terms with the reality that Israel is a fact of life in the region”

Scribblings: Of Iran and Hamas

It is simply a fact that the military threat Hamas poses to Israel is largely a direct result of Iranian aid to Hamas