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Noted and Quoted – August 2020

The Australian’s “Cut and Paste” column (July 14) warned that Erdogan’s Turkey is not a welcoming place for Jews or Christians

Behind the News – August 2020

From late June, Iran has been struck with a series of more than 10 fires and explosions across the country, some of which occurred at sites related to Iran’s nuclear project and ballistic missile program.

Israel and the Libyan Civil War

No verified reports of any Israeli involvement in Libya alongside the Egyptians and UAE have emerged to date. But you can be sure that Jerusalem will be watching events there with interest.

Michael Rubin – Can Iranian and Turkish regional ambitions survive COVID-19?

Michael Rubin addressed Iranian and Turkish regional ambitions as well as wider Middle East questions for an AIJAC webinar on 13 May 2020. 

Iran’s Jamal Khashoggi escapes the world’s notice 

On November 14 last year, Iranian dissident Masoud Molavi Vardanjani was gunned down while walking in Istanbul.

Behind the News – March 2020

In response to US President Donald Trump’s peace plan, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and other Ramallah-based officials called for “days of rage”, hoping for a large surge of demonstrations in the West Bank.

Behind the News – November 2019

On Oct. 18, a Palestinian man was shot dead after reportedly running with a knife at security forces at a West Bank checkpoint. The previous day, a Palestinian was shot by undercover security forces after reportedly ramming his car into their unmarked vehicle near Ramallah. 

Turkey invades Kurdish Syria, as US backs off

This Update deals with the consequences of the Turkish invasion of Kurdish-controlled northern Syria over the last few days, and its effective green-lighting by US President Donald Trump earlier this week. 

Syria Concerns

This Update deals with some recent analysis of Israeli policy toward Syria as the civil war there winds down, and some specific concerns vis-a-vis Syria for Israel, other regional actors, and the international community more broadly. 

Hamas and Iran Continue to Rekindle Their Relationship

If reports of deepening Iranian involvement and increasing financial support for Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank are accurate, it can’t mean anything good for the future of either the Palestinian territories or Israel.