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New generation of Lebanese Palestinians demand normal lives

Since 2011, tens of thousands of Palestinians living in refugee camps in Lebanon have apparently been influenced by the exodus of Syrian refugees in their midst to Europe and made the decision to also start new lives elsewhere

Australia calls for more Holocaust education to fight antisemitism

During a debate in the United Nations General Assembly this week, Australia encouraged increased Holocaust education as a way of fighting antisemitism.

Of Cartoons and Comments: Another innocuous opinion piece brings out the antisemitic trolls

A Sydney Morning Herald opinion piece about editorial cartoons attracted antisemitic comments.

Hezbollah’s explosive global plans: London explosives cache highlights terror group’s stockpiling efforts for shadow...

The UK stockpile of ammonium nitrate only adds meat to the bones of what is already a well-known pattern; namely, that Hezbollah remains a virulently antisemitic transnational terrorist organisation, forever striving to murder Jews across the globe

Factsheet – Attacks on two tankers in the Persian Gulf

AIJAC has compiled a short report on what we know so far about the attack on two oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.

India/Israel ties look promising in Modi’s second term

Responsible for improved relations with Israel, India's PM Narendra Modi has just been elected for a second term. Israel should expect continued cooperation, especially in the fields of technology, agriculture, weaponry and counter-terrorism efforts.

Jamal Rifi, anti-normalisation and the campaign to prevent Israelis being treated as “human”

The widely-reported attacks on Lebanese-Australian Doctor Jamal Rifi’s involvement in an apolitical charity that helps critically-ill Palestinian children and improves the training of Palestinian medical staff have exposed the ugliness underlying the Palestinian-led “anti-normalisation” campaign against Israel.

As Parke doubles down on “Israel Lobby” accusations, ALP needs to be wary

Melissa Parke remains a leading member of WA Labor Friends of Palestine. Her influence, limited though it may be, should not be allowed to degrade her party’s long-time support for strong ties between Australia and Israel.

Israel mourns ‘First Lady’ Nechama Rivlin

Nechama Rivlin, the wife of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, died of complications on June 4 following a lung transplant earlier this year after a long struggle with pulmonary fibrosis. She was 73.

Revealed: A more sophisticated side of Iranian online propaganda operations

if Iranian fabrications can spark Pakistani nuclear threats against Israel and be cited by Israeli politicians like Yair Lapid, how many likes or follows they receive may be beside the point.