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Jeremy Corbyn reads the words of fallen Jewish soldier-poet but fails to understand his...

Isaac Rosenberg is rightfully celebrated as one of the Great War’s greatest poets and “In the Trenches”  is indeed a fitting poem to read in memory of the millions slaughtered on the Western Front.

Israel prepares to counter drones and cruise missiles from Iran and its proxies

Thus far, Israeli intelligence has managed to thwart several Iranian drone attack plans and Israel is also seeking to deter such attacks by signalling Iranian forces responsible will pay a heavy price given Israeli command of the air.

Decisions need to be made after UNRWA director’s departure

It is the perfect time for Australia to review its sizeable contribution to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), following the departure of its director-general Pierre Krahenbuhl.
Iran's IR_6 advanced centrifuges

Why Iran’s decision to resume enriching uranium at Fordow is a big deal

Summary Iran has announced a new round of nuclear measures which breach the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear agreement reached in 2015...

Australia fails to sanction Iran while backing crumbling JCPOA

In December 2018, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that Australia would “keep the option” of additional autonomous sanctions against Iran. But according to the Government, in the 11 months since then, that option has not been considered, much less pursued.

The CEC goes gaga over the “cash ban” bill

The CEC is the cult-like Australian offshoot of the organisation created by US political activist and prolific conspiracy theorist, Lyndon LaRouche, who died in February.

Australia at the table as UN discusses Palestinian funding

Australia was represented at a United Nations committee meeting that called for more funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

Mann’s mission to fight antisemitism

Former UK Labour MP John Mann spoke to the Australia/Israel Review about his ongoing work to combat antisemitism, including his new appointment as Independent Adviser to the UK Government on Antisemitism.

UN gives Australia a to-do list to tackle antisemitism

The first ever United Nations report on antisemitism issued by a UN Human Rights expert has acknowledged the growth in global antisemitism, including on the far-right and far-left, and also from people who ostensibly engage in apparently legitimate criticism of the Israeli government

Insider’s guide to the Israeli elections

As Israelis head to the polls today (September 17) for the second time in five months, here’s a quick guide to follow activity in Israel’s various political parties since April’s election as well how they have framed their campaigns.