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Israel finally swears in national emergency government

Israel’s 35th Government was sworn in Sunday, ending an unprecedented 17-month period including three consecutive deadlocked elections without achieving fully functioning government.

Intra-Likud spat delays launch of new Israeli government

The swearing-in of Israel’s 35th government, which had been planned for last night, was delayed until at least Sunday after dissension erupted within the Likud over allocation of its ministerial portfolios for the impending national emergency government.

Iran’s continuing cyber-mischief during the coronavirus crisis 

Iranian hackers and propaganda networks have been working overtime during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Israel’s High Court won’t nix Gantz-Netanyahu deal: Gov’t on track to form next week

In green-lighting the Gantz-Netanyahu deal, the Court fell short of fully endorsing it, hinting that even after the agreement is passed, legislation required to fulfil some of the terms of the deal could again be challenged

The WHO and the myth of neutrality 

The reality is the WHO has been politicising its own work for decades, and this is most clear from its long record of discriminatory and factually dubious treatment of Israeli-Palestinian questions.  

ICC continues its “lawfare” against Israel

It was no big surprise, but certainly a disappointment, that the International Criminal Court (ICC) rejected credible legal opinion and recommended Palestine be treated as a state under international law. 

Ahron Shapiro on Israel’s new government, coronavirus response

Senior Policy Analyst Ahron Shapiro briefed ABC Newsradio's Glen Bartholomew on April 28, 2020, on the latest Israeli political developments, and on the country's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Netanyahu, Gantz agree to form government

The deal effectively puts an end to an unprecedented political impasse which has seen no duly-elected government in Israel since December 2018, and an unprecedented three inconclusive elections in 11 months.

Gantz given two-day extension to attempt to form government

As Israel heads into the second part of the Jewish holiday of Passover later today, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, acting on a joint request by Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz and Likud leader and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, gave a two-day extension of Gantz's mandate to form a government

Iran’s Jamal Khashoggi escapes the world’s notice 

On November 14 last year, Iranian dissident Masoud Molavi Vardanjani was gunned down while walking in Istanbul.