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The ABC’s unhealthy coverage of Gaza’s antibiotic resistance problem

An ability to differentiate genuine news from propaganda is a basic skill required of journalists – whether you work for a high school newspaper...

Will Malaysian PM Mahathir get away with victimising Israeli Paralympic swimmers?

As expected, Malaysia’s recycled Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has resumed his Israel-hating ways, this time taking out his bigotry on, of all people, paralympic swimmers.

A real political football

How has a situation arisen where the football teams of two neighbouring populations play in different continental competitions? Simple: boycotts.

Understanding Israel’s chaotic election campaign: AIJAC’s guide to the fast-changing political scene of recent...

AIJAC’s quick guide to recent political developments in Israel

Settlements growth decreases, but not in the eyes of Peace Now, AP

On January 4, The Australian published a highly speculative and misleading AP article touting claims by the Israeli anti-settlement NGO Peace Now that inaccurately stated a...

The International Union of Virtual Media: The Long Arm of Iranian Propaganda

The full extent of the IUVM has likely yet to be uncovered, but it has already proven far broader and more dangerous than initially believed.

Iran strengthened by Syria withdrawal and Mattis resignation

Two significant developments out of the United States will have likely have implications for Middle East – including Israel’s – immediate and long-term security. Most importantly, they are likely to leave a dangerous space that will be perfect for Iran to fill.

Australian falls victim to Iranian crackdown on foreign dissidents and hostage-taking

Aside from international terrorism, hostage-taking appears to be one of the Islamic Republic’s primary modes of interacting with the civilised world.

Fast Facts: Israel’s “Operation Northern Shield” to destroy Hezbollah tunnels from Lebanon

On Tuesday December 4, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) announced the launch of “Operation Northern Shield” to expose and neutralise cross-border attack tunnels dug by the Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah from Lebanon into Israel.

A matter of definition: Why the IHRA working definition of antisemitism has become more...

A new CNN survey has once again put antisemitism into the news headlines. According to the survey of 7000 people across seven European countries, as many as 25% of Europeans have traditional antisemitic attitudes.