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Cinefile: Banal No More

Although the film takes Hollywood liberties – a romance between a beautiful doctor, who in reality was a man, and the film’s Israeli hero – Kingsley’s fictional portrayal of Eichmann is far more realistic than the allegedly non-fiction account by Arendt.

The Last Word: Denial of Evil

One person in that [usenet] group, had confected an identity so as to gather personal data and email addresses. That individual then sent messages to group members that there had never been a Holocaust and that people who claimed to be survivors were part of a conspiracy to extort money, guilt and political advantage from others.

Biblio File: Of Memory and Memorials

Victor Ripp's book, Hell's Traces, published earlier this year, is a travelogue to places that no longer exist and can never be known, to the epitome of the indescribable - the Holocaust.

Knesset committee recognises Armenian Genocide

ISRAELI recognition of the Armenian Genocide came a step closer last week with the Knesset's Education, Culture and Sports Committee endorsing a proposal to officially recognise the tragedy.

Passing of Elie Wiesel

"Elie Wiesel was a remarkable, inspirational thinker, leader and activist, and his passing is a tremendous loss to humanity", Jeremy Jones AM, Director of International and of Community Affairs for the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council, said today.

Behind the News- July 2016

Israel has reportedly received an abundance of strategic information about Hamas' tunnel building operation, thanks to the June 14 defection of senior Hamas member Bassam Mahmoud Baraka with his family, as well as the arrest of a 17-year-old Gazan tunnel worker in May.

To combat the growing tunnel threat, Israel says it plans to build a concrete wall extending tens of metres underground around Gaza. The wall would cost NIS 2.2 billion (approx. A$760 million).

More insights on the terror wave in Israel/Bibi’s Holocaust gaffe

This Update leads with some additional knowledgeable insights into what is fuelling the current wave of murderous violence in Israel - with Palestinians on a daily basis attacking Jews at random throughout the country, often using knives. (Yesterday saw two attackers with knives try to board a school bus then stab a teenager outside a a synagogue in Bet Shemesh, plus a series of attacks in the West Bank which left five Israelis wounded.)

Biblio File: The “Bloodlands” Explained?

The term "Black Earth" is often used to designate the rich agricultural areas of southern Russia. But Timothy Snyder uses it in a broader sense to denote the frontier zones of east-central Europe contested between Stalin and Hitler in the Second World War - the "Bloodlands", as he called them in an earlier book.

This is a history of the Shoah throughout Europe... The book offers not so much new evidence of what occurred as a bold argument about why and how it could have happened.

The Significance of Iranian Holocaust Denial

In a recent issue of National Interest, former CIA analyst Paul Pillar lamented "the near-obligatory reference to Nazis in any anti-agreement writing about Iran." The comparison, he argues, is "an emotion-based effort to foster distaste for doing any business with such an ogre-like regime," which exaggerates the regime's sinister disposition at a moment when it is showing a clear desire to become "a more integrated member of the international community."

Essay: Evil without Banality

In 2006, a prominent Israeli psychiatrist named Dr. Nathaniel Laor received a telephone call from American real estate mogul and philanthropist Leon Charney. Laor, a professor at both Tel Aviv University and at Yale's Child Study Centre, was told that a friend of Charney's knew a man who had come into possession of a remarkable trove of papers... A near-complete record of the personal life of one of the most infamous Nazi war criminals had been in the State of Israel, unbeknownst to anyone, for decades.