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“Zionists” blamed for Moselmane investigation

Beyond their sheer ridiculousness, Anderson’s comments are helping feed the currently well-trodden highway of material blaming the Jews for all of society’s ills.  

The Larouchites heart China

The Chinese government, which has been in the news rather a lot lately and for all the wrong reasons, has a fervent local admirer. The obscure Australian Citizens Party (ACP) – a small but financially potent and cultish political grouping

Behind the News – June 2020

On May 11, Israel and the Palestinian Authority signed an agreement for Israel to provide NIS 800 million (A$347 million) in loans to assist the Palestinian Authority in its efforts to fight coronavirus.

Israel refuses Chinese bids on desal, 5G projects

  Under the backdrop of US-Chinese tension and a growing wariness of Beijing’s intentions, Israel Chose a local company in rejecting a bid from a...

Former Indonesian VP Jusuf Kalla: The pandemic, China, Israel, the US...

Former Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla joined a webinar co-hosted by AIJAC. The conversation covered Indonesia's response to COVID-19 and the region's economic status; Indonesia's relations with Australia, the United States and China; and the challenges and opportunities for progress in Indonesian-Israeli relations.

Editorial: A Visit and an Agenda

While all visits from top US officials to Israel are newsworthy and important, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s eight-hour visit to Israel on May 13 was exceptional for the context in which it took place, amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Walter Russell Mead – Who will lead the post-pandemic world?

Professor Walter Russell Mead spoke directly from Washington DC to an AIJAC online conversation on "Who will lead the post-pandemic world?"

New developments in Europe, Israel and Persian Gulf

This Update takes readers around the world, to the UK, Israel and Iran, catching up on recent news and developments on three different news fronts: the British elections; the dissolution of the 22nd Knesset, putting Israel on the road to a third election in a year; while China is preparing to participate in joint military exercises with Iran and Russia.

China, Iran dominate Australia/Israel Be’er Sheva dialogue

Against the backdrop of blatant Iranian violations of the 2015 nuclear deal and increasing concern over China’s regional and global ambitions, the fifth annual Be’er Sheva Dialogue was held in Tel Aviv on October 30.

AIJAC guest James Kirchick on Iran, Russia and China [audio]

AIJAC guest and Brookings Institution fellow James Kirchick joined Brian Carlton on Tasmania Talks radio to discuss the behaviour of some of the world's...