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Al-Jazeera’s Muslim Brotherhood links exposed

This snapshot of assorted Al Jazeera offerings from just the past couple of months gives a good idea how endemic antisemitic, anti-Israel and other extremist views are to its programming. This programming makes a mockery of the network’s claim to “[maintain] the highest global standards in news and current affairs programming”.  The alleged comments of former Qatari PM Sheikh bin Jassim appear to confirm that any such claim is mere pretence – and the network exists to promote an extremist agenda, not provide genuine and professional news and current affairs. 

Scribblings: More dancing and singing for terror

Last month in this column, I discussed a dance video repeatedly broadcast on official Palestinian Authority (PA) TV which openly promoted suicide bombings

Emily Schrader: Social media is a hotbed of antisemitism – what...

Digital marketing and social media expert Emily Schrader spoke direct from Israel to an AIJAC webinar on 18 June 2020. She has over a decade of experience working with the Israeli government, the Israel Defence Forces, numerous NGOs and political candidates, specialising in political marketing.

Israel and the Libyan Civil War

No verified reports of any Israeli involvement in Libya alongside the Egyptians and UAE have emerged to date. But you can be sure that Jerusalem will be watching events there with interest.

Scribblings: PA promotes suicide bombing Israeli cities

The PA’s official, tightly-controlled media broadcasts include open calls for suicide bombings, hold up terrorist murderers as role models, and talk about destroying Israel to create “greater Palestine”. 

Hezbollah and Australia

Hezbollah is a Lebanese Shi’ite Muslim political party, militia, transnational terrorist and organised crime group. Australia only designates Hezbollah’s “External Security Organisation (ESO)” as a terrorist organisation, despite its closest allies agreeing that Hezbollah in its entirety poses a danger. 

Iran’s Jamal Khashoggi escapes the world’s notice 

On November 14 last year, Iranian dissident Masoud Molavi Vardanjani was gunned down while walking in Istanbul.

Dr Jonathan Schanzer to AIJAC Webinar: 2020 – the year of...

In the second of its new Webinar series, AIJAC hosted Dr Jonathan Schanzer, Senior Vice President for Research at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies in the USA. Dr Schanzer, who previously worked as a terrorism finance analyst at the US Department of the Treasury, spoke on the topic, “Iranian Imperialism under the cover of COVID-19”.

Palestinian incitement escalates despite coronavirus crisis

No matter the stakes for Palestinian wellbeing, conspiratorial incitement and worship of violence continues to undermine efforts to combat the disease.

Answers needed on Australian aid

The Australian Government may be inadvertently funding Palestinian groups with links to terrorist organisations, as well as the anti-Israel global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.