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Iran’s dual threat

It’s no secret that the US and Australia retain close ties, share similar security interests and political values, and have even paid the ultimate price for them in places like the Middle East. It is in the Middle East however, that one of the greatest challenges to realising that shared vision is found: Iran.

Deconstruction Zone: Nuanced realism and the Congresswomens’ visit

Much of the American and Israeli punditry unleashed a flood of condemnations of the Israeli move in mainstream and social media, entirely devoid of nuance

AIJAC statement on Israel’s decision to refuse visas to US Congresswomen Rashida...

Israel had no good or easy option when two Members of Congress, both of whom have connections with antisemites and track records indicating contemptuous hostility to Israel, applied for visas. 

Statement: Australia joins the International Maritime Security Construct in the Gulf

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) welcomes the Government’s announcement that Australia will join the International Maritime Security Construct in the Gulf to...

James Kirchick discusses Trump, the Middle East and more – Sky...

James Kirchick of the Brookings Institution discusses Trump, Israeli-Palestinian issues, Jeremy Corbyn and other topics on Sky News "Outsiders"

Trump, ‘The Squad’ and Israel

So what is the record of “The Squad”, as they have dubbed themselves, on Israel? Are these four individuals antisemitic? Should they heed Trump’s call to “apologise” to the people of Israel?

The US “Peace to Prosperity” plan for Palestinian welfare

The past week has seen the release of the Trump Administration's US$50 billion "Peace to Prosperity" economic vision for the Palestinians, and the holding of a "workshop" in Bahrain dedicated to encouraging and further developing this plan, with the participation of many Arab states.

Engulfed by crisis

The increasing momentum of the US “maximum pressure” policy has prompted Iran to react more aggressively of late. 

AIJAC’s Colin Rubenstein honoured by the American Jewish Committee for his advocacy...

Dr Colin Rubenstein, Executive Director of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council, was honoured for his advocacy on behalf of the Jewish people and Israel by the Board of Governors of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) on Sunday, June 2.

Iranian strategy and the current crisis

After a year in which Iran opted for “strategic patience,” in the hope that European nations would compensate for American sanctions and that US President Donald Trump would stand little chance of re-election in 2020, the US Administration has succeeded in ramping up the sanctions and applying pressure beyond Teheran’s expectations