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AIJAC welcomes Australian votes in the UN Human Rights Council

AIJAC welcomes Australia’s principled decision to be the only country to vote against all five anti-Israel resolutions at the United Nations Human Rights Council. 


This long feature story documents this pervasive tendency across the WHO and other UN bodies, including the General Assembly, Human Rights Council, UNRWA, UNESCO and UNICEF, as manifested primarily by long records of discriminatory and factually dubious treatments of Israeli-Palestinian questions. 

Parliament puts spotlight on rights abusers

The Australian Parliament’s inquiry into whether Australia needs to strengthen its laws against human rights abusers received a significant glamour boost when Amal Clooney, highly respected international human rights lawyer, gave evidence via video link.

The WHO and the myth of neutrality 

The reality is the WHO has been politicising its own work for decades, and this is most clear from its long record of discriminatory and factually dubious treatment of Israeli-Palestinian questions.  

Deconstruction Zone: The shortcomings of the UN’s WHO exposed

WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean division is overtly partisan: its literature consistently refers to the disputed land of the West Bank and Gaza as “Occupied Palestinian Territories” and, along with its reports, include incendiary propaganda claims

Australia and Israel at the United Nations

Australia and Israel have worked together in the United Nations going back prior to the establishment of the modern state of Israel in 1948. 

Answers needed on Australian aid

The Australian Government may be inadvertently funding Palestinian groups with links to terrorist organisations, as well as the anti-Israel global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.  

Deconstruction Zone: Turning human rights into a bad joke

Almost all the companies on the so-called blacklist simply provide the most fundamental human necessities – food, water, transportation, communication. Some of these are defined by the United Nations itself as inalienable rights

UNHRC publishes “blacklist” of companies active in settlements

This Update provides background and critical analysis of the UN Human Rights Council's (UNHRC) release of a list of 112 companies who do business in Israeli settlements -  issued on Wednesday in response to a resolution passed in 2016. 

Australia urged to condemn biased “blacklist”

Following publication by the United Nations Human Rights Council of a “blacklist” of businesses operating in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) is calling on the Australian Government to maintain its principled stance towards fairness at the UN and condemn the list.