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The Last Word: Mahathirorism

When [Mahathir] entered the fray, he not only brought pathetic threats and displayed disingenuousness of epic proportions, but drew some attention to the attitude of Malaysians to terrorism.

Media Microscope: Jerusalem Syndrome

The Fairfax newspapers gave the appearance of a media organisation determined to find constant new angles to insist any such policy change would fracture Australian relations with regional neighbours.

Colin Rubenstein on Australia’s proposed Israel embassy move

AIJAC Executive Director Dr Colin Rubenstein discussed Australia's proposed move of its Israel embassy to Jerusalem on the Conroy & Kroger show on Sky News Australia.

Iran-backed cyber attackers taking aim at Australia

While Australia has yet to be targeted by more substantial Iranian cyber-attacks against infrastructure and financial institutions, like the US or Saudi Arabia, it has been the victim of several “independent” hacking groups that operate as fronts for the cybercrime of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and intelligence agencies.

Sheikh Omran and ASWJ tied to terror – again

Following the terror incident at Bourke Street in Melbourne, a familiar and highly problematic voice appointed himself to speak on behalf of Muslims in response - Sheikh Mohammed Omran, the emir of the Hume Islamic Youth Centre (HIYC) at Coolaroo

Visiting Counterterrorism expert Boaz Ganor explains how to catch a lone...

In the wake of the terrorist attack in Melbourne's Bourke street last Friday, there has been considerable debate about whether the security services could have done more to monitor the actions of the attacker, Hassan Khalif Shire Ali

Media Microscope: Capital Offences

Australian media reporters and commentators had one key task, to accurately report PM Scott Morrison’s statement... So, how did it go? 

Noted and Quoted – November 2018

Fairfax international editor Peter Hartcher was quoted all over the media condemning PM Morrison’s announcement in extreme terms

Morrison’s Mid-East announcements: the wash-up

The dust finally seems to have settled on Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s recent Middle East announcements and it is now possible to take a clear view.

The Last Word: Voters’ choice

Conspiracy theorists and others used this as a pretext to proffer an image of a Jewish cabal so powerful it could achieve ends without even knowing it sought them. One particularly shameful intervention came in the form of a tweet by Shaoquett Moselmane, who represents the ALP in the NSW Parliament.