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AIJAC in Webinar Land

With crisis often comes innovation and opportunity. Thus, the coronavirus pandemic has seen a flourishing of webinars from Jewish communal organisations, with AIJAC in the vanguard.

Missiles can win wars

The emergence of pinpoint precision-guided rockets and missiles on the battlefield is a turning point in the history of warfare.

Australia’s key role in stopping terror funding through drug smuggling

The Australian military seized a massive shipment of illicit drugs off the coast of Iran, interrupting a crucial funding source for terrorists in the Middle East.

Eran Lerman – Israel’s decision time: The Trump Plan, Iran and...

Colonel (res.) Dr. Lerman is the Vice President of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security and an expert on Israel’s foreign relations and the Middle East. He spoke direct from Israel to an AIJAC webinar on 3 June 2020.

Viewing Israel on Arab TV

Some of this year’s Ramadan TV series exploded into controversy because they dared to touch on one of the most sensitive topics in Arab politics – normalisation of ties, open and hidden, with Israel.

Michael Rubin – Can Iranian and Turkish regional ambitions survive COVID-19?

Michael Rubin addressed Iranian and Turkish regional ambitions as well as wider Middle East questions for an AIJAC webinar on 13 May 2020. 

Biblio File: Muslims and Jews – The ‘original grudge’ theory

Sibony argues that the Muslim bears the non-Muslim ‘other’ an “original grudge,” which has coloured Muslim relations with the Jews living among them since the Koran was written in the seventh century. 

Jonathan Schanzer: Iran’s aim is to complete the Shi’ite crescent and...

Foundation for Defense of Democracies expert Dr. Jonathan Schanzer explains the strategic aims of the Iranian regime, including their quest for regional hegemony and plans to surround Israel with precision-guided munitions.

Biblio File: The Year the Sky Fell

The Saudi and Iranian governments, once grudging allies, became sworn, bitter enemies determined to export their own revolutions to the whole Muslim world, across the Middle East and beyond.

Editorial: The world beyond the pandemic

COVID-19 appears to have temporarily lowered the level of friction in some conflict zones. Yet it certainly hasn’t had any significant effect on the underlying hostility driving those who seek to destroy Israel or harm the interests of Western countries such as Australia and its allies.