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Editorial: The world beyond the pandemic

COVID-19 appears to have temporarily lowered the level of friction in some conflict zones. Yet it certainly hasn’t had any significant effect on the underlying hostility driving those who seek to destroy Israel or harm the interests of Western countries such as Australia and its allies.

What the Trump peace plan can achieve

President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan will probably not achieve its stated goal of bringing peace between Israel and the Palestinians, but it might just bring about peace between Israel and more of its Arab neighbours. Here’s why.

Ehud Yaari on Israel and Middle East politics at the Sydney...

Veteran Israeli political commentator Ehud Yaari spoke on recent Israel and Middle East developments at the Sydney Institute, hosted by Gerard Henderson. His appearance was broadcast on Sky News Australia on 15 February 2020.

Behnam Ben Taleblu on Iran protests, Trump peace plan

Recent AIJAC guest Behnam Ben Taleblu of the Foundation for the Defence of Democracies appeared on Sky News "Outsiders" 9 February 2020. He touched upon the street protests in Iran, the nuclear issue, the Trump peace plan and more.

Why the US and Iraq still need each other

Before they sign the divorce papers, however, officials in Baghdad and Washington should consider the many reasons why staying together is best for both them and the Middle East.

The opportunity of Trump’s “deal of the century”

While no one expected Trump’s deal would result in an overnight breakthrough, the plan could plant the seeds of hope for a new fruitful dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians for a number of reasons.

After Soleimani

Upending two decades of established US foreign policy, Trump cared little whether the perpetrators of the embassy attack and the missile strike in Kirkuk came from Iran or were surrogates of Iran based in Iraq. Iran was responsible and Iran paid.

The Persian Autumn

Iran’s principal resource in empire-building is chaos. It establishes itself in places where the government is weak (Lebanon and Iraq), desperate (Syria) or friendless and without resources (Gaza).

Some questions need to be asked about recent “Q&A” episode

The fact is that Ms Zandberg is on the far left of Israeli politics. She is even less representative of the Israeli mainstream than a member of the Australian Greens would be of the political mainstream in this country.

Israel “on its own”: Ehud Yaari

“We are on our own” – this was a key message from veteran Israeli commentator Ehud Yaari regarding the consequences for Israel following an apparent US retreat from the Middle East.