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Noted and Quoted – July 2019

  Tanks for nothing The ABC appropriately reported on the terror attack on two oil tankers, the Japanese Kokuka Courageous and the Norwegian Front Altair in...

The US “Peace to Prosperity” plan for Palestinian welfare

The past week has seen the release of the Trump Administration's US$50 billion "Peace to Prosperity" economic vision for the Palestinians, and the holding of a "workshop" in Bahrain dedicated to encouraging and further developing this plan, with the participation of many Arab states.

Khamenei’s calculations

A “no war, no negotiation” formula is part and parcel of Khamenei’s “prudent resistance” strategy: namely, do not provoke military confrontation, but simultaneously reject any compromise.

Iran’s “controlled escalation” strategy

In recent weeks, Iran and its proxies have begun operating under a new directive best described as a policy of controlled escalation. Still, the potential for miscalculation and regionwide conflict has grown considerably.

The planned Bahrain conference on Palestinian welfare

This Update is devoted to the prospects of the upcoming "peace to prosperity" workshop to promote Palestinian economic welfare, to be held in Manama, Bahrain on June 25-26. The workshop, announced by the Trump Administration two weeks ago, is designed to be the first stage in the Administration's "Deal of the Century" Israeli-Palestinian peace plan

Chess Match

On the ground, the Middle East looks more like a chessboard, with Iran and its allies and proxies facing off against American allies.

Iranian strategy and the current crisis

After a year in which Iran opted for “strategic patience,” in the hope that European nations would compensate for American sanctions and that US President Donald Trump would stand little chance of re-election in 2020, the US Administration has succeeded in ramping up the sanctions and applying pressure beyond Teheran’s expectations

Scribblings: Polls suggest poll setback for Israeli Arabs shortlived

One negative to come out of the Israeli election on April 9 was the decline in turnout among Arab Israelis. According to some reports only 44% turned out to vote, compared to 63.5% in the last election in 2015 (overall turnout was also down, but to a much smaller degree).

Dealing with Trump’s “deal”

Israel’s response to President Trump’s plan will reflect its commitment to seek a peace that guarantees its security and so will probably be “Yes, but”. 

Michael Doran on Sky News “Outsiders”

AIJAC guest Dr Michael Doran of the Hudson Institute appeared Sky News "Outsiders" on 7 April 2019