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The Columnist as Conspiracist

...Pierre Sema’an, an exemplar of the sort of extreme and conspiratorial content that sometimes appears in Australian media in Arabic

Biblio File: The Other Refugees

History has been deeply unkind to the Jewish communities of the Middle East and North Africa, and so too has the historical record.

From Adversaries to Friends

A number of Gulf states are becoming increasingly frustrated by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ refusal to negotiate with Israel according to former Israeli Ambassador...

Uzi Rubin on Iran nuclear deal, Iranian weapons testing

Uzi Rubin, renowned Israeli defence engineer and analyst, discusses the flawed Iranian nuclear deal and recent Iranian weapons testing.

Time to rein in state with deadly intent

With widespread, daily protests in the streets, and shouts of “death to the dictator” heard in Tehran, the Iranian regime is under pressure like seldom before.

Iranians declare ‘Palestine and Syria are making us miserable!’

Recent anger in Iran is mostly fuelled by the Government’s years-long failure to salvage the crippled economy.

Pushback against Iran takes shape

A Western strategy of rolling back Iranian encroachment throughout the Middle East is taking shape and has potential for success, according to Middle East analyst Jonathan Spyer

Under Pressure

The decision by US President Donald Trump to pull his country out of the Iran nuclear deal in early May has already wreaked widespread economic damage on Iranians.

Dr Jonathan Spyer on current conflicts in the Middle East

AIJAC guest Dr Jonathan Spyer spoke with Dr David Cumin of the Israel Institute of New Zealand about current Middle East issues. Video by...

After the US-UK-French attack in Syria

As reader are undoubtedly aware, on Saturday, 105 missiles were fired by American, British and French military units at Syrian chemical weapons research and storage sites, in punishment for the latest Assad regime chemical weapons attack in Douma on April 7, which killed at least 75 people. This Update looks at the significance of that attack for the future situation in Syria.