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Essay: Bridging the Gulf

States that once were viewed as existential enemies are now potential partners for peace. As one of the most critical economic and geopolitical locations in the world, the Gulf States have stepped up to play a pivotal role in combatting Iranian hostility. 

James Kirchick discusses Trump, the Middle East and more – Sky...

James Kirchick of the Brookings Institution discusses Trump, Israeli-Palestinian issues, Jeremy Corbyn and other topics on Sky News "Outsiders"

James Kirchick on whether Trump has been good for Israel or...

AIJAC guest James Kirchick, Fellow at the Brookings Institution, explores whether President Trump has been supportive of Israel or clumsy and ill-advised in his approach to the Middle East.

Deconstruction Zone: The Pogroms of the Middle East

A look at developments in the Middle East over the past decades gives the clear impression that the region is becoming “cleansed” of minorities, especially the Christians who have inhabited it for millennia. The process is reminiscent of what happened to the Jews of the Arab countries...

Gulf Games

The conflict in the Strait of Hormuz is as much a battle of minds as it is a physical battle between Iran and its proxies on the one hand and the United States, Europe and the oil-rich Arab nations on the other.

The Palestinian Authority needs to get its priorities straight

Before dismissing the Bahrain proposal, perhaps the PA should have asked the Palestinian people, whom polls show are overwhelmingly concerned about economic and quality-of-life issues, if they would like to have improved education, job prospects, healthcare, electricity and water management?

Israel-Hamas strategies in Gaza/ A Bahrain post-mortem

This Update features two pieces on the state of the current Hamas-Israel confrontation around Gaza, and the current strategies of the two parties - five years after the last major Gaza war... We also offer a unique insider's perspective on the Bahrain "Peace to Prosperity" workshop

Noted and Quoted – July 2019

  Tanks for nothing The ABC appropriately reported on the terror attack on two oil tankers, the Japanese Kokuka Courageous and the Norwegian Front Altair in...

The US “Peace to Prosperity” plan for Palestinian welfare

The past week has seen the release of the Trump Administration's US$50 billion "Peace to Prosperity" economic vision for the Palestinians, and the holding of a "workshop" in Bahrain dedicated to encouraging and further developing this plan, with the participation of many Arab states.

Khamenei’s calculations

A “no war, no negotiation” formula is part and parcel of Khamenei’s “prudent resistance” strategy: namely, do not provoke military confrontation, but simultaneously reject any compromise.