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AIR New Zealand: Misinformation campaigns

New Zealand, like Australia, currently seems to be winning its battle on the public health front at least... Yet while we might be in the midst of a global crisis, that’s not enough to stop some people peddling their brand of anti-Israel propaganda. 

AIR New Zealand: Poignancy and controversy in Holocaust commemorations

The fact that each of those candles represents one million lives lost is unfathomable, Ardern said. “It’s a horrific reminder of what happens when extremist ideology is unchecked"

AIR New Zealand: Innovation in the air

Israel’s political deadlock has frozen activities across numerous areas and the effects are even being felt half a world away in New Zealand. An “Innovation Agreement” that the two countries have been working on for several years can’t be signed off until a new Israeli government is formed. 

AIR New Zealand: Wrongs on the Right

There was long a feeling here that the nasty, far-right, neo-Nazi activity and sentiments seen in other countries simply did not happen, or even exist, in New Zealand. That complacent belief was shattered by the Christchurch mosque attacks

AIR New Zealand: Misinformation Confrontation

Government agencies in democratic countries should provide factual, unbiased information to those accessing their services. Yet, just recently, New Zealand’s immigration department failed to meet that standard in spectacular fashion. 

AIR New Zealand: The debate over hate speech

As a nation, the country is still grieving over the Christchurch mosque attacks in March and struggling to find ways to meaningfully address what happened on that terrible day

NZ Government should stand up to MP bringing them down

New Zealand’s Labour Member for Christchurch Central Dr Duncan Webb is not only out of touch with his own party’s policy, he is out of touch with mainstream opinion around the world.

AIR New Zealand: Unity jarred by antisemitism

In the days and weeks following the massacre at the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre, which left 50 people dead and over 45 seriously injured, New Zealanders widely came together in unity... But, in the midst of all this, there were some discordant notes.

AIR New Zealand: Dark days

As a nation, New Zealanders were left shocked, horrified and grieving. However, most people soon rallied to support the Muslim community and also to present a strong united front against the attack and all that it symbolised.

The Last Word: A Long Black Cloud

In much of the media discussion over the next few days, the fact of men, women and children whose lives had been extinguished seemed to barely figure, except as pretexts for drawing conclusions to match one’s predispositions.