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Palestinian leadership coming back to the negotiating table?

As the Israeli Government’s target date of July 1 to begin extending sovereignty to parts of the West Bank in line with the US Trump Administration’s peace plan came and went, the Palestinian Authority has reportedly agreed to resume direct peace negotiations with Israel

Scribblings: PA promotes suicide bombing Israeli cities

The PA’s official, tightly-controlled media broadcasts include open calls for suicide bombings, hold up terrorist murderers as role models, and talk about destroying Israel to create “greater Palestine”. 

Palestinian reactions to Israel’s sovereignty plans

In response to Israeli government discussions about a possible extension of Israeli sovereignty to parts of the West Bank as part of the Trump Administration's peace plan,  Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas announced that the PA is 'absolved' of all agreements and understandings with Israel and the US

Palestinian incitement escalates despite coronavirus crisis

No matter the stakes for Palestinian wellbeing, conspiratorial incitement and worship of violence continues to undermine efforts to combat the disease.

PA hypocrisy on “anti-normalisation”

The latest episode in the annals of Palestinian anti-normalisation shows that, to mix metaphors, speaking out of both sides of your mouth can blow up in your face.

Scribblings: Hamas interferes for Corbyn

New evidence from Britain shows that the Iranian-client Hamas linked to a pro-Corbyn activist group called the KhamakarPress, which has a website, a Facebook and Twitter presence, and a WhatsApp group. 

Behind the News – August 2019

Israel has begun constructing a new water pipeline which will increase the amount of water it supplies to the Gaza Strip by 200%. Israel already exceeds the amount of water it is required to deliver to Gaza under the Oslo Accords, but Gaza is suffering from severe water shortages due to mismanagement of the local water catchment