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Calling for a one-state solution in Israel and Palestine is calling for a bloodbath

Claims that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's recent statement that Israeli settlements are not, per se, inconsistent with international law has killed the two-state solution, as Crispin Hull argued on these pages last month, misrepresent both history and current day realities.

AIJAC’s Ahron Shapiro talks Israeli elections on ABC radio

AIJAC's Ahron Shapiro discussed the latest twists and turns in Israel's attempt to form a government. After two elections and months of negotiations, the...

Education is at the heart of tackling antisemitism

What more can be done to counter antisemitism at schools?  That question reverberated around Australia this past month as many were shocked to hear of appalling antisemitic bullying.  

Fatah and Hamas are allowed to keep this horror film playing

The chilling words by veteran Hamas official Fathi Hammad at a rally in Gaza last July urging Palestinians to kill Jews, not Israelis, is easily found on YouTube. I don’t know if these words appear in the Palestinian Film Festival that Greg Barns encouraged readers to attend in his recent piece blaming Israel for poverty in Gaza.

Truth, Hebron and “Breaking the Silence”

The left-wing Israeli NGO Breaking the Silence (BtS), the subject of a story by journalist Terry Plane in these pages last month, is by its own admission, a political organisation that seeks to “change” the “policy of government”.

Racist bullying incidents are a call to action

The reverberations from media reports that two Melbourne students were subjected to humiliating anti-Semitic abuse have been felt in Jewish communities around the world. How could this happen in an enlightened society, ask well-meaning people.

Dislike of Trump is a foolish reason not to protect Australia’s interests in the...

This is not the Iraq War, and dislike of Trump would be a foolish reason not to protect Australia’s interests in maritime security and the free movement of energy in the region.  

Attack on Saudi oil facility shows Trump was right to pull out of Iran...

The attack, which knocked out more than half of the Saudi oil output, may force the U.S. to tap into its own oil reserves to keep the markets well supplied.

Iran’s dual threat

It’s no secret that the US and Australia retain close ties, share similar security interests and political values, and have even paid the ultimate price for them in places like the Middle East. It is in the Middle East however, that one of the greatest challenges to realising that shared vision is found: Iran.

AIJAC guest Behnam ben Taleblu on Tasmania Talks radio

Iran expert and senior fellow at the Foundation for Defence of Democracies Behnam ben Taleblu spoke to Brian Carlton on Tasmania Talks radio about the significant threat posed by Iran to its people, to its region and to the world.