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Equality still a mirage for too many women

There were a few double-takes recently when United Arab Emirates Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum took to social media to congratulate the winners of his country’s gender equality award. Why? All the winners were men.

Israel is not Bethlehem’s enemy

Anton Salman — who prior to becoming Bethlehem's mayor, was a lawyer — shamelessly exploited genuine interest at Christmas in the traditional birthplace of Jesus (The Australian, December 26) to advance a dangerous and deluded anti-Israel agenda devoid of fact or historical accuracy.

Labor should match Morrison’s stance on Israel

Despite agreement on the need for action, the paths being pursued by the two major political parties are quite different... While the Prime Minister's declarations have not yet achieved bipartisan support, achieving that outcome remains a worthy objective.

Morrison rightly challenges foreign policy inertia on Jerusalem, Iran

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s speech at the Sydney Institute last Saturday has been met with criticism for reviewing and adjusting long-standing foreign policies, as though inertia were a virtue in itself. Good policymaking demands periodic review and adjustments to reflect changing realities.

On Australia’s Jerusalem Embassy review, don’t take advice from bigoted Mahathir

Instead of threatening Australia for daring to review a long-standing position, why don’t we see Malaysia and Indonesia – both of whom provide strong rhetorical support to the Palestinian cause –  as well as Morrison’s critics, encouraging progress towards a two-state peace, which most profess to support, and which underlies Morrison’s review initiative?

Iran-backed cyber attackers taking aim at Australia

While Australia has yet to be targeted by more substantial Iranian cyber-attacks against infrastructure and financial institutions, like the US or Saudi Arabia, it has been the victim of several “independent” hacking groups that operate as fronts for the cybercrime of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and intelligence agencies.

Australia shouldn’t continue to back scheme allowing a terrorist state to develop a nuclear...

PRIME MINISTER Scott Morrison’s decision to review whether Australia should continue to support the Iran nuclear deal, known formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), should be welcomed.

Jerusalem move is right for Australia

Meanwhile, most Arab states are more likely to welcome PM Morrison's review of our outdated support for the flawed Iran nuclear deal and efforts to confront Iranian aggression more broadly than be angry about a possible Jerusalem embassy move.

Embassy move in Israel would just recognise reality

Recognising the reality that Israel has had its capital in west Jerusalem since 1950, as the US, Russia, and several other countries have done, in no way precludes a future Palestinian capital in the city’s eastern half.

Why Scott Morrison is right to consider moving the Australian embassy to Jerusalem

The prime minister’s announcement that Australia will consider moving its embassy to Jerusalem, and also review our stance on the Iran nuclear deal is prudent, wise and in our national interest.