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Intransigent Tehran must be sent a message on nuclear deal

In his last major statement on the matter in December, Morrison announced that his government “will keep the option of additional autonomous sanctions under active review”. Now is time for that ongoing review to deliver a pivot on Australia’s stance on the Iran nuclear deal, drawing the proper conclusions from Iran’s behaviour since the 2015 deal

What are Russia, Iran and Cuba doing in Venezuela?

Amid the continuing political, economic and humanitarian meltdown of Venezuela, an anti-American alliance consisting of Russia, Cuba and Iran is coalescing to counter US economic and diplomatic pressure on embattled President Nicolas Maduro.

Netanyahu’s re-election was Israel’s liberal democracy in action

The re-election of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been described by some of his critics as a blow to democracy, or as evidence of Israel’s progression towards becoming an ‘illiberal democracy’.

Eurovision and the Greens’ green light for BDS

With all the excitement about Australia being in the Eurovision grand final, it’s worth recalling that last May, Lee Rhiannon, a Greens senator at the time, pressured then SBS managing director Michael Ebeid to drop its broadcast because it would be held in Tel Aviv and therefore “could impact on Palestinians”.

Antisemitic vandalism during this federal election campaign ― why is it happening? what can...

The swastika has made frequent appearances during the 2019 federal election campaign. This is upsetting, but not really surprising given the fact that Jewish communities around the world have recorded a recent increase in antisemitic activity.

Making mates with radicals bad look for Greens

You can tell a lot about people from the company they keep.  That is certainly the case with the Australian Greens who have spent this term of Parliament in the company of some real extremists – both physically and in cyberspace.

Letter: Voice of Mandela

I THINK one more important voice can be added to Peter Wertheim’s excellent response to Greg Barns’s comparison of Israel to Apartheid South Africa (Talking Point, April 26). That voice comes from no less an authority on apartheid than Nelson Mandela himself.

Dangerous Israel obsessions in the ALP

Is the ALP heading down the road of its British counterpart, where the party has been rocked by scandal after scandal related to amply documented claims of antisemitism since Jeremy Corbyn took the leadership in 2015?

Letter in The Age: Here’s your answer

Tony Walker's question "Where are the boundaries between acceptable criticism of Israel's behaviour, and criticism that might be interpreted as prejudiced?" is easily answered (Comment, 18/4).

Ahron Shapiro on the Israeli election results [audio]

AIJAC policy analyst Ahron Shapiro examines the preliminary Israeli election results on ABC News Radio.