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Will Malaysian PM Mahathir get away with victimising Israeli Paralympic swimmers?

As expected, Malaysia’s recycled Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has resumed his Israel-hating ways, this time taking out his bigotry on, of all people, paralympic swimmers.

It’s one thing to criticise, but people need to tread carefully

ALLEGATIONS of anti-Semitism have been prominent in international news lately, with Jeremy Corbyn’s British Labour Party in crisis, accused even by some of his own MPs of tolerating or even practising anti-Semitism.

Europa Europa: Bad Joke

Why has Corbyn, leader of the Israel-hate movement, been so intransigent on the issue? Because, quite simply, he knew that by embracing the definition in full he would be labelling himself as an antisemite.

AIR New Zealand: Beware BDS hype

This year it has seemed that New Zealand has seen a noticeable ramping up of anti-Israel, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)-related activity. 

Palestinians for Normalisation

[These Palestinian voices] are asking Palestinians, Israelis and the rest of the world, to put aside politics and calls of boycotts and focus on how to improve the lives of the Arabs living across the West Bank. 

Deconstruction Zone: Why the US was right to quit the UN...

US President Donald Trump has rightly decided to terminate US membership on what US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the “misnamed” UN “Human Rights” Council.

Israel’s Eurovision win: The good, the bad and the ugly

The 2018 Eurovision song contest, perhaps the world’s most popular pop music competition, saw the Israeli entry sung by Netta Barzilai walk away the winner.

AIJAC’s full statement to the Australian regarding Sydney University BDS petition

Here is the full statement AIJAC provided to the Australian's Sian Powell for the story she was writing on a BDS petition at Sydney University, which appeared today and featured excerpts from our statement:

"This is getting tiresome. It seems that every time Israel is attacked, and forced to defend itself, certain academics at Sydney University take it upon themselves to criticize not the terrorist group Hamas, responsible for the problem, but reiterate their long-standing, destructive demands for boycotts of Israel...."


Australians MPs speak out in honour of Israel’s 70th, remember Evian...

In honour of Israel's forthcoming 70th anniversary, Government Member Stuart Robert moved a motion in Parliament on February 28, in the lead up to the 80th anniversary of the Evian Conference on the plight of Jewish refugees, to officially apologise for Australia's position on persecuted Jews in 1938

Biblio File: Alt-Blight

Weisman is at his best when describing the origins of the alt-right and their infiltration of more well-read outlets. But he can't stop there. Instead, he seeks to impute the alt-right to the entire conservative movement...