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Biblio File: Eyewitness with Empathy and Insight

An eye-witness to some of the most violent episodes in the recent history of both Iraq and Syria, Jonathan Spyer has written an intensely personal, and readable account of the most turbulent period in Middle East history since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire...

Extremism – by the Book

Inside two Islamic bookstores    Islamic bookstores in Australia are no strangers to extremism. In 2013 the Al Risalah Islamic Bookstore in Sydney suburb Bankstown closed...

The Decline of Amnesty International

It seems that officially partnering with pro-jihadists was not off limits for the once great and greatly-admired Amnesty International, yet hosting Israeli speakers with whom they disagree is.

If ever there was proof that the regressive left rot is spreading into the core of our liberal culture, look no further than the way it has politicised this once bright beacon of human rights.

Europa Europa: Trading in the shadows

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu lifted that veil for a tantalising moment in Jerusalem last month when he told a group of ambassadors from NATO member-states what many might have already known: that Israel's intelligence services provided information that had thwarted "several dozen major terrorist attacks, many of them in European countries."

ISIS after the fall of Raqqa

With the looming defeat of ISIS, and with many of the surviving fighters unable to return to their homes, the question arises as to where the remaining ISIS fighters will scatter as they look for safe havens and attempt to rebuild a territorial stronghold.

Essay: The Virtual Caliphate

Al-Qaeda has been all but eclipsed by the Islamic State (ISIS), which has skilfully used social media to become the foremost purveyor of jihadist indoctrination in the West, creating a "virtual caliphate," extremely dangerous and easily accessible to vulnerable men and women from a variety of backgrounds in a manner al-Qaeda was never able to achieve...

Saudi Arabia’s activist heir/ Salafi-jihad ideology after ISIS

With the Saudi led stand-off against Qatar continuing, changes in Saudi leadership hierarchies, and challenges to ISIS domination, this Update takes a look at what impact the changes in internal and external power dynamics of leading Arab nations can have on the region. This is coupled with what can be expected after the downfall of ISIS-which may not be too far off.

Deconstruction Zone: Which Way To Turn?

An important concept for religious Muslims is qibla, the direction in which one should face during salah, the five-times-daily prayer that all Muslims are commanded to observe.

The traditional Islamic view is that the original qibla was in the direction of what they called Haram esh-Sharif (the Noble Sanctuary), located in the heart of old Jerusalem on the site of Har ha-Bayit, (the Temple Mount), where the Jewish temple destroyed by the Romans in 70 C.E. had stood.

Deconstruction Zone: The Mideast Culture of Hate

On March 12, 2017, Ahmed Daqamseh, the Jordanian soldier who had murdered seven Israeli schoolgirls in 1997, was released from prison... When he spoke to the media in his village, he justified the massacre he committed, calling Israelis "human waste."

Essay: What Jihadis Want

A question often asked is, "What do the jihadis [Mujahideen] want?" The answer is surprisingly obscure, as most of their attacks do not include clear demands.