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Media Microscope: Child’s Play

Despite graphic footage existing for one of the two shocking antisemitic attacks on Jewish children in Melbourne public schools, first reported by the Australian Jewish News (Oct. 3), it appears the issue attracted newspaper interest but was largely ignored by TV stations.

Essay: The Problem with Anti-Zionism

Anti-Zionism is a flourishing politics today on many university campuses and on parts of the left, and the standard response from many Jewish organisations and from most of the Jews I know is to call it the newest version of antisemitism. But anti-Zionism is a subject in itself...

Israeli deterrence more crucial than ever

US President Donald Trump’s latest Mideast decisions cast Israeli airstrikes in Syria and (reportedly) Iraq in a different light... It now turns out they were also sending an important deterrent message: If Teheran attacks Israel, Jerusalem will have no qualms about striking back.

Hate in the Classroom

What more can be done to counter antisemitism at schools? That question reverberated around Australia this past month after published reports of two separate incidents of appalling antisemitic bullying in Victorian schools. 

Scribblings: A convoy of hope

Despite the severe inconvenience this protest caused to Israeli motorists and commuters, this event was a very positive one, which bodes well for Israel’s future as a democratic, inclusive, multicultural and Jewish state. 

The Last Word: The Devil’s Numbers

A great deal has changed since the days of Sheikh Hilaly’s speech and the street harassment of Melbourne Jews. There is now a raft of federal, state and territory anti-racist legislation and coalitions of people of goodwill working to understand and combat antisemitism

Lebanon’s chaos offers little hope 

Tribal and sectarian animosities have been poisoning Lebanon for decades, perpetuating its existence as a failed state that is subject to the whims of corrupt crime bosses. If there is one thing that always trumps the desire for social justice and better economic policies, it is the hatred for and fear of a rival tribe

Gantz gets his chance

Amid continued brinkmanship between the parties, Gantz may lean toward what has become known as the “Rivlin compromise” plan, which seeks to address the impasse surrounding Netanyahu’s role.

Rojava Sundown

After six years, the tanks of the Syrian Arab Army are rolling back into Qamishli, Raqqa, Tabqa, Tal Tamr, Kobani, Manbij, al-Malikiya and the other towns east of the Euphrates. This is taking place not because the SDF has been militarily defeated. Rather, as needs to be stated plainly, it has been betrayed. By its allies.

Retreat in Syria

One would not be surprised if in the aftermath of the US withdrawal, Iran becomes more risk-tolerant when it comes to taking on Israel