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Behind the News – April 2020

Despite the clear evidence of the deteriorating situation, the Iranian Government apparently underreported the number of local coronavirus cases and allegedly discouraged individuals and institutions from revealing the extent of the disease’s spread in Iran.

Scribblings: Incitement amidst Cooperation

By all accounts, cooperation between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Israeli government and military to deal with the coronavirus crisis has been very good.

Coronavirus conspiracy theories in Australia 

The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has spawned conspiracy theories ... laying blame for this unprecedented threat on a recognisable “enemy”. Unfortunately, such conspiracy theories, many with an antisemitic flavour, are currently being fanned by a handful of Arabic-language media outlets publishing in Australia. 

Asia Watch: Stress Test

Given their proximity to the initial epicentre China, South East Asian nations reside in the first line of vulnerability... In the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, the apparent lack of preparedness portends an unfolding disaster.

Deconstruction Zone: Who is helping the Palestinians battle coronavirus?

While Israel is working overtime with Palestinians to curb and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Arab states appear to be doing what they do best when it comes to helping their Palestinian brothers: nothing at all.

A different sort of war

The coronavirus crisis is a whole other story – something we haven’t seen before. It is not targeted at a particular area and threatens to harm all populations across the country. Therefore, IDF teams have been working around the clock...

The Other Contagion

With great crises come great conspiracy theories, and the novel coronavirus pandemic currently rampaging throughout the world is no exception.

Sanctions and coronavirus in Iran

The argument in favour of lifting sanctions rests on a false assumption that the sanctions are preventing Iran from getting material that might alleviate the suffering there.

Essay: The Apartheid Lie

In recent years, the term “apartheid” has become so synonymous with the State of Israel that it has almost lost its original meaning: the policy of the South African regime from 1948 to 1994 that segregated and discriminated black South African citizens from white South African citizens.

Politics in times of pandemic

The storm is almost perfect. Challenged by the coronavirus pandemic like the rest of the human race, and struck by its financial repercussions like the rest of the developed world, the medical crisis caught Israel at the height of an ongoing political drama as well.