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The IRGC is taking over Iran

Following Iranian parliamentary elections in February, analysts noted a power shift inside the regime. The so-called hardliner camp gained a decisive victory, winning more than 200 of the 290 seats in Iran’s parliament, the Majlis.

Essay: “As is, Where is”

A review of the demographic realities prevailing in the territories in question can help to illuminate the likely effects of the possibilities raised by the Trump plan.

Deconstruction Zone: An Abbas-Hamas realignment?

The Fatah-Hamas pledge of partnership declared by Rajoub and al-Arouri – who has a US$5 million American bounty on his head – was approved in advance by the PA President.

Iran blasts expose regime’s shaky foundations 

Even though it is tempting to attribute these events to foreign sabotage, we must practice caution before grouping all these incidents into one category. 

Behind the News – August 2020

From late June, Iran has been struck with a series of more than 10 fires and explosions across the country, some of which occurred at sites related to Iran’s nuclear project and ballistic missile program.

Scribblings: A “sea” change?

Once upon a time, it was not unusual for Middle Easterners who rejected Israel’s right to exist to express openly genocidal intentions – such as calls to “throw the Jews into the sea.” 

The Last Word: Life Lessons

Jewish students at a variety of public and private schools have, over many years, been subjected to a range of anti-Jewish racist behaviour, which they have generally accepted as simply a consequence of being part of a small minority. 

Cine File: Not quite Heaven

Suleiman doesn’t provide clear cut answers and many scenes dealing with “Palestine” are dreamlike, oblique and fantastical. Israel’s presence in the film is muted and absent, with Suleiman wiping it off the map metaphorically and literally too.

The world’s loudest silence?

There is a refrain that is becoming increasingly common in some circles; namely, that Israel’s critics are being silenced in mainstream debates. However, a brief look at recent public debate indicates there is not much substance to this complaint.

“A country in protest”?

“A country in protest,” is the logo Israel’s Channel 12 ran at the bottom of its reports on July 15, the night demonstrations took place in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.