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How to Help Lebanon while hindering Iran

Washington needs a dual-edged strategy that hinders Hezbollah’s growing domestic influence while promoting the necessary economic growth to help Beirut break free from Teheran’s grasp.

Behind the News – July 2019

The use of improvised explosive devices and incendiary balloons markedly increased, resulting in more than 35 fires in Israeli territory since May 6. “March of Return” riots and associated violence have also continued unabated along the security fence with Gaza. 

The Last Word: Enemies of The People

What does it mean to be an “Enemy of the People”? This question arose numerous times during my recent visit to Italy, the Balkans and the USA.

Khamenei’s calculations

A “no war, no negotiation” formula is part and parcel of Khamenei’s “prudent resistance” strategy: namely, do not provoke military confrontation, but simultaneously reject any compromise.

Scribblings: Another Good News statistic

The improvement in employment rates among Israeli Arab women is not simply a product of natural evolution, but is also in part the result of deliberate Israeli government policy.

Hard-Pressed 2

When discussing Australian stories, [Press TV] selectively chooses Australian and overseas commentators who will utter the right slogans in service of the interests of the Ayatollahs in Teheran

Deconstruction Zone: Annexation Imputations

Friedman is right, therefore, in these two respects: (1) Israel has no right to retain all of the West Bank, if its enemies recognise its right to live within secure borders; (2) Israel has “the right to retain some” of these territories.

Bahrain and the Palestinian governance problem

Unfortunately, the PA uses far too little of the foreign aid it collects for the betterment of its own people and far too much to fan the flames of hatred and promote violence against Israel.

Iran’s “controlled escalation” strategy

In recent weeks, Iran and its proxies have begun operating under a new directive best described as a policy of controlled escalation. Still, the potential for miscalculation and regionwide conflict has grown considerably.

Engulfed by crisis

The increasing momentum of the US “maximum pressure” policy has prompted Iran to react more aggressively of late.