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Behind the News – May 2020

On April 6, Palestinian activists in Gaza took part in a two-hour discussion with Israeli peace activists via Zoom, conversing about topics including the current COVID-19 crisis. In the days following, Hamas-run security forces arrested several of the Palestinians involved.

The Last Word: Viral Theories

With the virus dominating the media in the United Kingdom, evidence of this conspiratorial mindset came to light in the context of a leaked report on antisemitism in the British Labour Party

Essay: The Case for Moral Clarity

Much of what today purports to be criticism of Israel or the claim of ideological opposition to Zionism is merely disguised antisemitism, perpetrated by singling out the nation-state of the Jewish people for condemnation and demonisation. 

Deconstruction Zone: The shortcomings of the UN’s WHO exposed

WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean division is overtly partisan: its literature consistently refers to the disputed land of the West Bank and Gaza as “Occupied Palestinian Territories” and, along with its reports, include incendiary propaganda claims

COVID-19 and the Fate of Indonesian Democracy

While no government should be blamed for a pandemic, how they respond to it is fair game. And what we have seen from the Indonesian Government’s initial response has been inept, poorly communicated, indecisive, lacking transparency, and based on short-term economic calculations, not science.

Scribblings: Arab Israelis say “I feel like a real Israeli”

This column has frequently highlighted trends and polls indicating that, despite some ongoing problems, members of Israel’s Arab minority are increasingly integrating into the Israeli mainstream and finding themselves at home there. 

Netanyahu and Israel’s centrist new government

Israel’s year-long political standoff is finally over, and the only real winner is Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

The complexities of ‘applying sovereignty’ in the West Bank 

In Netanyahu’s view, the Trump Administration peace plan presented on Jan. 28 has given him an historic opportunity to fulfil long-term territorial goals.

Does coalition deal put the Trump peace plan back on track?

It now falls to the Palestinians to decide whether this is where the Israeli settlement enterprise ends or whether it continues advocating for complete sovereignty. 

The conspiracy disease continues to spread

A recent report by Israeli Students Combatting Antisemitism (ISCA) has been tracking hundreds of antisemitic posts across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram in multiple languages that blame the spread of the virus on Jews and Israel