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Israeli military spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari displays to the media one of the Iranian ballistic missiles Israel intercepted on April 14, in Julis army base, southern Israel, April 16, 2024 (Image: AAP/Tsafrir Abayov)

Editorial: A new coalition against Iran

April 19, 2024 | Colin Rubenstein

Dramatic scene in the skies over Israel in the early morning of April 14 (Image: X/Twitter)

Iran opens fire

April 19, 2024 | Ilan Evyatar

“Despite Iran’s militant posturing, they are ultimately playing a weak hand”: General McKenzie (Image: X/Twitter)

Iran’s attack was a show of weakness

April 19, 2024 | Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr.

A barrage of words charged with venomous lies targets Australian Jews daily (Image: Shutterstock)

The Last Word: Words – Holy and hateful

March 28, 2024 | Rabbi Ralph Genende

The 2020 International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Ministerial Declaration (Image: US Dept of State)

Europa Europa: Empty words

March 28, 2024 | Alex Benjamin


Biblio File: The Education of an Editor

March 28, 2024 | Allon Lee

Image: Abed Rahim Khatib/ Shutterstock

A plan for Gaza

March 28, 2024 | Elliott Abrams, John Hannah, Lewis Libby

The IDF has become familiar with Hamas' labyrinth of tunnels, using specialised units to fight inside them (Image: IDF)

Deconstruction Zone: The political purpose of Hamas’ tunnels

March 28, 2024 | John Spencer

Image: Shutterstock

Media Microscope: Crossed Lyons

March 28, 2024 | Allon Lee

Soldiers in the Etzion Brigade take part in a raid in the Gush Etzion village of Seir al-Shuyukh (Image: Jonathan Spyer)

West Bank story 

March 28, 2024 | Jonathan Spyer

John Lyons in “The Forever War” (Screenshot)

The endless crusade behind Four Corners’ “Forever War” 

March 28, 2024 | Ahron Shapiro

Palestinian charitable organisations distribute food “takiya” to displaced people in the city of Rafah (Image: Shutterstock)

A Gazan’s call for peace and coexistence

March 27, 2024 | Ohad Merlin