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Australian media fail: no mention rockets being fired by Palestinian Islamic...

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the Iran-backed, group behind the recent attacks on Israel, is rated by the Australian Government as one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organisations. It is completely banned in Australia.

Noted and Quoted – November 2019

Editorialising on Israeli PM Netanyahu’s failure to form a coalition government, the Age (Oct. 23) opined that “the very length of his tenure means that Mr Netanyahu has, rightly or wrongly, become the face of every impasse in Israeli public life

Decisions need to be made after UNRWA director’s departure

It is the perfect time for Australia to review its sizeable contribution to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), following the departure of its director-general Pierre Krahenbuhl.

Education is at the heart of tackling antisemitism

What more can be done to counter antisemitism at schools?  That question reverberated around Australia this past month as many were shocked to hear of appalling antisemitic bullying.  

Media Microscope: Child’s Play

Despite graphic footage existing for one of the two shocking antisemitic attacks on Jewish children in Melbourne public schools, first reported by the Australian Jewish News (Oct. 3), it appears the issue attracted newspaper interest but was largely ignored by TV stations.

Hate in the Classroom

What more can be done to counter antisemitism at schools? That question reverberated around Australia this past month after published reports of two separate incidents of appalling antisemitic bullying in Victorian schools. 

The Last Word: The Devil’s Numbers

A great deal has changed since the days of Sheikh Hilaly’s speech and the street harassment of Melbourne Jews. There is now a raft of federal, state and territory anti-racist legislation and coalitions of people of goodwill working to understand and combat antisemitism

Australia fails to sanction Iran while backing crumbling JCPOA

In December 2018, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that Australia would “keep the option” of additional autonomous sanctions against Iran. But according to the Government, in the 11 months since then, that option has not been considered, much less pursued.

Aussie troops arrive to protect Strait of Hormuz

The first Royal Australian Air Force plane has landed in the Middle East as part of Australia's contribution to protecting maritime security in the Strait of Hormuz.

AIJAC expresses “deep concern” over recent developments in Syria

The Australia/ Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) today expressed its strong concerns about Turkey’s unilateral incursion into northern Syria, and the apparent shift in US foreign policy toward rapid Syrian disengagement which helped facilitate the Turkish move.