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Australia and Israel at the United Nations

Australia and Israel have worked together in the United Nations going back prior to the establishment of the modern state of Israel in 1948. 

Focus on the Australian far-right

The threat posed by those holding extreme right-wing views has been growing in Australia. It is now second only to the terrorist threat posed by Sunni Islamists, such as ISIS.

Media Microscope: Know Way

The publication of journalist Sophie McNeill’s memoir We Can’t Say We Didn’t Know, focusing on her time as the ABC’s Jerusalem-based Middle East correspondent, saw her in the media spotlight but seldom having to answer challenging questions.

The Last Word: Not the Right Way

Some years ago, a leader of the Jewish community in Australia received a call from a distressed young man named Jeremy Jones.

Coronavirus conspiracy theories in Australia 

The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has spawned conspiracy theories ... laying blame for this unprecedented threat on a recognisable “enemy”. Unfortunately, such conspiracy theories, many with an antisemitic flavour, are currently being fanned by a handful of Arabic-language media outlets publishing in Australia. 

The Ambassador and the ABC

At AIJAC, we have often made the case that at times we find the ABC coverage of Israel falls short of what we would hope to see from our taxpayer-funded broadcaster.

Editorial: The world beyond the pandemic

COVID-19 appears to have temporarily lowered the level of friction in some conflict zones. Yet it certainly hasn’t had any significant effect on the underlying hostility driving those who seek to destroy Israel or harm the interests of Western countries such as Australia and its allies.

Answers needed on Australian aid

The Australian Government may be inadvertently funding Palestinian groups with links to terrorist organisations, as well as the anti-Israel global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.  

Australia argues the ICC should not be investigating the “situation in Palestine”

Australia has consistently argued that the ICC does not have jurisdiction to investigate alleged Israeli war crimes in the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem, because “Palestine” is not a sovereign state according to international law. 

AIJAC welcomes Australia’s submission to the International Criminal Court

AIJAC today welcomed the Australian Government’s formal submission to the International Criminal Court arguing that the Court does not have territorial jurisdiction to consider the “Situation in the State of Palestine.”