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Iran debate brings out conspiracy theorists and Israel bashers

Recent publications discussing Iran policy attracted conspiratorial and antisemitic claims in the comments section.

Media Microscope: Inhuman Delusions

The nihilism underpinning the campaign of dehumanisation directed against Israel and anyone dealing with it was unexpectedly spotlighted via media reports of threats made against Sydney doctor Jamal Rifi.

Michael Doran on Australia’s approach to Iran

Hudson Institute senior fellow and recent AIJAC visitor Michael Doran appeared on Sky News Australia to talk about Iran and the Middle East "Deal of the Century".

Noted and Quoted – July 2019

  Tanks for nothing The ABC appropriately reported on the terror attack on two oil tankers, the Japanese Kokuka Courageous and the Norwegian Front Altair in...

Australia calls for more Holocaust education to fight antisemitism

During a debate in the United Nations General Assembly this week, Australia encouraged increased Holocaust education as a way of fighting antisemitism.

Scribblings: Another Good News statistic

The improvement in employment rates among Israeli Arab women is not simply a product of natural evolution, but is also in part the result of deliberate Israeli government policy.

Hard-Pressed 2

When discussing Australian stories, [Press TV] selectively chooses Australian and overseas commentators who will utter the right slogans in service of the interests of the Ayatollahs in Teheran

Editorial: Combatting Iran’s rogue behaviour

But Iran’s piracy and aggressive actions in the Persian Gulf should be a reminder that Iran is an inherently disruptive and dangerous rogue actor – whose violent behaviour must be rigorously and unwaveringly deterred and contained.

Australia should back up US pressure on Iran with sanctions of...

Australia should be doing whatever it can to contribute to the timely, calibrated and well-justified US-led strategy of increasing the pressure on Iran.

Intransigent Tehran must be sent a message on nuclear deal

In his last major statement on the matter in December, Morrison announced that his government “will keep the option of additional autonomous sanctions under active review”. Now is time for that ongoing review to deliver a pivot on Australia’s stance on the Iran nuclear deal, drawing the proper conclusions from Iran’s behaviour since the 2015 deal