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AIJAC in Webinar Land

With crisis often comes innovation and opportunity. Thus, the coronavirus pandemic has seen a flourishing of webinars from Jewish communal organisations, with AIJAC in the vanguard.

Noted and Quoted – July 2020

  Julie noted On the ABC website (June 2), the Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s research officer Julie Nathan warned that far-right groups are spreading antisemitic...

“Zionists” blamed for Moselmane investigation

Beyond their sheer ridiculousness, Anderson’s comments are helping feed the currently well-trodden highway of material blaming the Jews for all of society’s ills.  

AIJAC welcomes Australian votes in the UN Human Rights Council

AIJAC welcomes Australia’s principled decision to be the only country to vote against all five anti-Israel resolutions at the United Nations Human Rights Council. 

Australia’s key role in stopping terror funding through drug smuggling

The Australian military seized a massive shipment of illicit drugs off the coast of Iran, interrupting a crucial funding source for terrorists in the Middle East.

AIJAC welcomes communications representative on IHRA committee

A representative from the Department of Communications will be included in discussions about Australia’s commitment to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), after concerns were raised in Senate Estimates about an article published by the ABC.

The Larouchites heart China

The Chinese government, which has been in the news rather a lot lately and for all the wrong reasons, has a fervent local admirer. The obscure Australian Citizens Party (ACP) – a small but financially potent and cultish political grouping

Noted and Quoted – June 2020

ABC online featured an article co-written by Tlozek and Jordanian journalist Ranya Kadri on Jordan’s success in limiting the coronavirus “to under 500 total cases for a population of nearly 10 million.” 

Media Microscope: Sovereign Risk

“In the Hobart Mercury (May 11), Greg Barns fulminated that Israel applying sovereignty in the West Bank would be a ‘new nightmare’”

Khamenei tweets, Australia sleeps

Elements of the Australian Government have continued to focus on building closer ties with Iran, even as the Iranian Supreme Leader openly calls for violent attacks on Jewish people.