AIJAC’s involvement in Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s historic visit to Australia

AIJAC's involvement in Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's historic visit to Australia

AIJAC is very proud of the official role played by our National Chairman Mark Leibler AC in the two major public functions featured during Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s official state visit – the first by a sitting Israeli PM – last month. 


First, Mark was selected by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s office to be the MC at the luncheon with business leaders that Mr Turnbull organised for Mr Netanyahu in Sydney on Feb. 22.

AIJAC National Chairman Mark Leibler AC with Prime Minister Turnbull and Prime Minister Netanyahu in Sydney


Furthermore, Mark was also asked to welcome Mr Netanyahu at that night’s Sydney Jewish community function for Mr Netanyahu at the Central Synagogue, with Mr Turnbull in attendance:


AIJAC also was featured extensively in the Australian and Israeli media in connection with the visit:

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