Australia and Israel have common concern with terrorism

Media Release


The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council today welcomed Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s recognition that the terrorist organisation Hamas’ act of aggression in firing rockets and mortars in to Israel unilaterally breached the ceasefire and is responsible for the end of the truce in Gaza, with Israel responding to Hamas’ actions and threats.

“Hamas came to power on a policy of seeking the destruction of Australia’s democratic ally, Israel, and has maintained authority through brutality and violence. In power, Hamas has attempted murder on a mass scale through firing hundreds of rockets and mortars indiscriminately into Israeli population centres” AIJAC Executive Director Dr. Colin Rubenstein said.

“Consistently acting on its extremist, Islamist agenda, it has inflicted pain and suffering on the people it claims to represent and has always opted for confrontation and fanaticism over the welfare of the Palestinians in Gaza’, he added.

“Israel has shown remarkable patience in the face of ongoing provocations and the major Hamas upgrade of its weapons’ infrastructure under the cover of the ceasefire, but was left with no choice other than to act in self-defence and to protect the security of its citizens”, he concluded.

For additional information, contact Dr. Colin Rubenstein on 0418 339 721