AIJAC statement on Nowra neo-Nazi arrest

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) welcomes the news of the arrest of a man allegedly plotting a terrorist attack in NSW.

This arrest will heighten the community’s awareness of extreme right-wing terrorists active and operating in Australia.

The Australian Federal Police have said that the individual was antisemitic and had neo-Nazi interests, as well as being anti-government and anti-indigenous. He already had access to weapons and was trying to build a bomb, possibly to be used to blow up infrastructure.

“AIJAC is acutely aware of the presence of violent and hateful extreme-right individuals in Australia,” AIJAC executive director Colin Rubenstein said.

“Terrorism has many forms. While we have become accustomed to hearing about Islamist terrorist plots, the resurgence of far-right terrorism in Australia is a very worrying development.

“Of particular concern is that this man came to the attention of police over his online activity and it was realised, within a matter of weeks, that he was allegedly planning a physical attack.

“AIJAC – and other Jewish organisations – have experienced first-hand the abusive online behaviour of the far-right. When these ugly online posts turn into violence, or planned violence, there is a cause for real alarm.

“AIJAC extends its gratitude to police and intelligence authorities for their very quick work in taking this man into custody and protecting the community.

“It is especially shocking that the timing of this arrest coincided with the first anniversary of the Christchurch mosque massacre. That event illustrated to the world the grave danger posed by those who have been radicalised on the far-right.

“AIJAC stands with the people of Christchurch and the global Muslim community at this time to emphasise that resurgent far-right terrorism must be taken very seriously,” Dr Rubenstein concluded.