The camera never lies?

The camera never lies?

It would appear that the photo used online to illustrate pro-Palestinian activist Randa Abdel-Fattah’s latest anti-Israel screed (see our earlier post) features a recycled picture from 2010 that has been discredited as a piece of confected theatre.

Honest Reporting notes that the AFP photo used by Fairfax on its SMH and Age websites to accompany the piece appearing to show a group of Palestinian children imprisoned behind bars is staged.

The photo has nothing to do with Israel or checkpoints – the “prison bars” are actually a section of the front gates of an industrial complex in Gaza. This is not a subjective claim.

Honest Reporting provides the eye opening photographic evidence to show how the manipulative shot was orchestrated.

The Honest Reporting post also shows how the image of oppressed Palestinians stuck behind bars is a recurrent leitmotif used by the media to package the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

For this fascinating and important analysis on the role images play in presenting Palestinians as victims, CLICK HERE.