Media appearances by AIJAC guest Elliott Abrams

Media appearances by AIJAC guest Elliott Abrams

UPDATED – A selection of links to writings, quotes and appearances in the media of AIJAC’s distinguished guest Elliott Abrams – senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, Deputy National Security Adviser and Special Assistant to President George W. Bush and an assistant Secretary of State to President Ronald Reagan.


  • Abrams was interviewed on the Syrian refugee crisis and BDS/Antisemitism by the New Zealand website Middle East Voices
  • On September 18, Abrams was quoted in an article in The Australian Jewish News.
  • On September 11, in an opinion piece published by the Australian newspaper, Abrams predicted that President Obama’s successor would most likely pursue a more interventionist foreign policy. Article is behind a paywall.
  • On September 11, Abrams was interviewed on the Leighton Smith Show on Radio Newstalk ZB in New Zealand.
  • On September 11, he was interviewed on National Business Review (NBR) Radio in New Zealand but only subscribers can access the audio.
  • On September 10, the Australian newspaper’s Sharri Markson devoted an article to Abrams’ views on why Assad’s overthrow is essential for a peaceful resolution to the fighting in Syria. Article is behind a paywall.
  • On September 9, Brendan Nicholson, the Defence Correspondent for The Australian newspaper, quoted Abrams in an article.
  • On September 9, Abrams was interviewed at the US Studies Centre in Sydney.
  • On September 9, 2015 Melbourne radio station 3AW host Tom Elliott interviewed Abrams on why Australia must be involved in fighting ISIS. The interview is item six on the list – “American diplomat explains why Australia needs to join ISIS fight”.
  • On September 8, David Wroe, national security correspondent for the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, quoted Abrams in an online report on why there will be no peace in the Middle East if we only defeat IS without also dislodging Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.
  • On September 8, Abrams explained to ABC TV “Lateline” host Emma Alberici why the current firestorm in Iraq and Syria is not a legacy of former US President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq but President Barack Obama’s decision to prematurely withdraw US troops from the country.