Daily Dose: Israel and Iran – will they or won’t they? The cartoons Iran didn’t ban, Al Qaeda feminism and more

Daily Dose: Israel and Iran - will they or won't they? The cartoons Iran didn't ban

Israel and Iran

  • Lyn Julius argues that Israelis need to fight for the rights of Jewish refugees who fled Arab countries in the 1940s and 1950s. Meanwhile, NPR has a feature on the complex relationship between thePersian Jews now living in Israel and the ones who remain in Iran. (JPostNPR)
The Palestinians
  • PA president Mahmoud Abbas argues that reconciling with Hamas does not harm prospects for a peace agreement. Michael Sharnoff wonders whether Hamas has really changed direction, noting that in the 1990s Yasser Arafat,  like Hamas, toned down his rhetoric to the West while continuing to incite violence in his own people, leading not to peace but to the second intifada. (JPostHuffPo)

Islamists and cartoons



  • Al Qaeda has released a new magazine for women, a pink-coloured magazine written by women and promoting Jihad. (MEMRI)


  • An interview with the Afghani filmmaker Najibullah Quaraishi, who is fighting a horrific custom ofinstitutionalised child abuse, which he blames largely on the corruption of the Afghani rulers.

Iran and Syria