Statement: End the Incitement

Statement: End the Incitement


AIJAC is deeply saddened and shocked by the massacre of four Jews who were worshipping at the Kehilat Bnei Torah Synagogue in West Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighbourhood yesterday, as well as the death of an Israeli Druze policeman who was shot in the gunfight that ended the assault.

It is hard to think of a more heinous and callous crime than terrorists murdering people at prayer in their house of worship. It is despicable that Hamas has praised this brutal attack on innocent civilians.

While we welcome the condemnation of the attack by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, it is nonetheless clear that he and the Authority he leads helped create the preconditions for this and other recent terror attacks through relentless, baseless and incendiary claims about Israeli intentions regarding Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. Anyone who truly condemns this attack and genuinely does not want to see similar acts in future must also demand that this pattern of repeated, inflammatory incitement ceases.

Mark Leibler AC
National Chairman

Dr. Colin Rubenstein AM
Executive Director