Passing of Elie Wiesel

Passing of Elie Wiesel

Media Release


“Elie Wiesel was a remarkable, inspirational thinker, leader and activist, and his passing is a tremendous loss to humanity”, Jeremy Jones AM, Director of International and of Community Affairs for the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council, said today.

“He radiated wisdom and compassion, but also humility, and in those meetings I was privileged enough to work with him, he was open-minded and personable, and always willing to contribute insights and knowledge.”

“He had too many attributes to list – with the outpourings of grief testimony to the impact he had on the lives of so many – he was a teacher, a voice for the Oppressed, a keeper of Memory, who always had time to mentor young people and share his learning and experiences”.

“I first worked with him through the World Jewish Congress, then the Conference on Material Claims Against Germany, then in projects concerned with Jewish education and in combatting Antisemitism.”

“Every moment in his presence was invaluable – his Memory will always be a blessing”, Jeremy Jones added.

“Without doubt, Professor Wiesel was a powerful advocate for those whose voices were not being heard, was a proud Jew and a passionate supporter of Israel”, Colin Rubenstein, AIJAC’s Executive Director, noted.

“In recent years, his campaign against the Iranian nuclear project was particularly important”, he concluded.

“Elie Wiesel gave voice to victims and survivors of the Shoah as individual human beings, while consistently speaking out on issues of global importance”, Mark Leibler, AIJAC’s National Chairman, said.

“He spoke with authority and moral clarity, and his contribution will be sorely missed, Mr Leibler added.

“AIJAC sends condolences to his family and those closest to him, and expresses our gratitude for all he contributed to humanity.”