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Hezbollah and the Syrian Civil War

Hezbollah and the Syrian Civil War Categories: Lebanon, Syria, Updates    

This Update deals with the aftermath of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah's very public announcement last week that Hezbollah was essentially completely dedicated to fighting "all out" on the side of the Assad regime in the Syrian civil war, following widespread reports that large numb

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Conflicted Loyalties

Conflicted Loyalties Categories: Israel, Syria     Author: Andrew Friedman

More recently, however, the town has gained notoriety in Israel - some would say the town has become infamous - because of its proximity to the international border with Syria, and to the civil war that has ravaged that country for more than two years. The fighting is clearly audible from Majdal Sha

Red lines and calculated risks for Israel in Syria

Red lines and calculated risks for Israel in Syria Categories: Israel, Syria, Updates     Author: Ahron Shapiro

A pair of apparent Israeli cruise missile strikes on Syrian military targets this month brought with it near-unanimous public criticism from the regime of Bashar Assad, Syrian rebels and opposition groups, and Arab and Islamist countries in the region (although scattered Syrian opposition voice

Syria and Chemical Weapons/ Hezbollah in trouble?

Syria and Chemical Weapons/ Hezbollah in trouble? Categories: Lebanon, Syria, Updates    

With Israeli military intelligence concluding that Syria has been using chemical weapons against rebels - joining more equivocal claims by Britain and France - and now US intelligence sources largely agreeing, there are growing calls for the US to rethink its low-key policy on Syria - given that US

Lebanon - ready to explode?

Lebanon - ready to explode? Categories: Lebanon, Syria     Author: Michael Totten

Lebanon always looks and feels like it's ready to erupt into armed conflict, but today it's more ready than usual. The Syrian civil war next door weighs heavily on this place. Sunnis and Alawites are fighting round after round with no end in sight in the city of Tripoli, and now the northern Bekaa V

The End of Syria?

The End of Syria? Categories: Europe, Syria     Author: Emanuele Ottolenghi

Could this tide be stemmed in Syria? Early on in the crisis, it could have been, at a high price, had we had a dog in the fight, or one that we wanted to claim as our own. But the West decided, as in the former Yugoslavia for three long years, to sit this one out. The new order will thus not be crea

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A Turn of Battle in Syria

A Turn of Battle in Syria Categories: Syria     Author: Jeffrey White

After almost 20 months, Syria's internal war appears to be approaching a decisive stage. Since early October, rebel forces have been on the offensive in key theatres, while regime forces are stretched thin, increasingly on the defensive, and giving ground. The conflict is evolving from a war of attr

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