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Syrian situation continues to escalate

Syrian situation continues to escalate Categories: Syria, Updates    

The situation in Syria continues to worsen with violent government efforts to suppress protests continuing in Hama, Dor El-Zoir, and other towns and increasingly blunt denunciations of the Damascus regime coming from many quarters, including tough remarks from Saudi

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A Senior Military Defection in Syria?

A Senior Military Defection in Syria? Categories: Syria, Updates     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

Following up on Daniel's post on the escalating violence in Syria earlier today, one potentially highly important development in the Syrian saga has gotten little media coverage or comment, but should. It is being reported that a top Syrian military officer, Colonel Riyad al-Asad, has defected fro

Arab Spring yields a Murky Summer

Arab Spring yields a Murky Summer Categories: Egypt, Middle East, Syria, Turkey     Author: Yehonathan Tommer

The acclaimed "Arab Spring" has given way to a murky summer, dominated by uncertainty, fog and danger as much as democratic hopes, according to academic experts. Some of the movements for reform which blossomed across the region earlier this year may take a long time to mature into democratic regime

If Assad Falls...

If Assad Falls... Categories: Middle East, Syria, Turkey, United States     Author: Reuel Marc Gerecht

The US administration's policy toward Syria is shaping up to be potentially the greatest missed opportunity of Barack Obama's presidency. If Syria were to break the right way and the regime in Damascus were to fall, the most tenacious state-sponsor of terrorism in the Arab world - Teheran's stronges

Pressuring Syria/Syria and Iran

Pressuring Syria/Syria and Iran Categories: Iran, Syria, Updates    

This Update looks at policy options, as well as the potential benefits and costs, for Western governments seeking to pressure  Syria's Assad regime as the protests in Syria continue to spread and the death toll continues to mount. The opening entry is an editorial from the Ne

Sectarian Explosion beginning in Syria?

Sectarian Explosion beginning in Syria? Categories: Lebanon, Palestinians, Syria, Turkey, Updates     Author: Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz

The situation in Syria took an even graver turn yesterday. As the ruling Assad regime continues to brutalise dissenting citizens, some Syrians appear to be lashing out at the regime's minority Alawite sect. In retaliation, several Allawites went on a rampage of their own. Nada Bakri reports in The N

AIJAC UPDATE - How the 2011 flotilla flopped/The controversial "anti-boycott" law

AIJAC UPDATE - How the 2011 flotilla flopped/The controversial "anti-boycott" law Categories: Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism, Islamic Extremism, Israel, Lebanon, Palestinians, Syria, Turkey, United Nations, Updates    

AIJAC's latest email Update looks at why and how the 2011 Gaza flotilla gambit fizzled out. In contrast to 2010's headline-grabbing political stunt that acted as a Trojan Horse for the Turkish Islamist IHH charity resulting in needless deaths and injuries, this was no replay.

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