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Letter: Apology falls short Categories: Israel, Op-eds, Palestinians     Author: Jamie Hyams

In her belated apology for the use of photos of dead children from the Syrian conflict to represent purported Israeli slaughter in Gaza (29 August), Sonja Karkar of Australians for Palestine claims the statistics alone tell the story. There is no question that large numbers of civilians, including c

The myth of the "siege" of Gaza

The myth of the "siege" of Gaza Categories: Israel, Palestinians, Updates     Author: Glen Falkenstein and Tzvi Fleischer

The whole notion of a "siege" of Gaza is a myth, even though mainstream media figures insist it is the key issue in the Gaza conflict. First of all, it is simply not true that Israel has been preventing humanitarian aid from entering Gaza up until now, as many seem to assume or imply. As a recent A

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The prospects of the latest Gaza ceasefire

The prospects of the latest Gaza ceasefire Categories: Israel, Palestinians, Updates    

A new Gaza ceasefire, brokered by Egypt, came into effect last night at 7:00pm Israel time. Unlike all previous ceasefire, this one is indefinite in duration and many commentators are treating it as likely ending the Gaza conflict for the time being - although of course Hamas has b

Deconstruction Zone: The great myth of Gaza Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Daniel Mandel

As a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is hammered out, much talk is heard about aid packages for Gaza, as though none previously existed. The refrain is heard that Gazans are living in a teeming, open-air prison. Repeated endlessly by those under obligation to know the facts, the myth has it that


Letter: Ignoring the facts on Israel-Palestine issue Categories: Israel, Op-eds, Palestinians     Author: Allon Lee

David Rothkopf is deluding himself if he thinks that it is only Israeli intransigence that has prevented the establishment of a Palestinian state ("A High Price", Review, August 22). An in-depth report by Ben Birnbaum in the New Republic on the recent failure of US Secretary of State John Kerry's p

The Cine File: Tragedy and Divided Loyalties

The Cine File: Tragedy and Divided Loyalties Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Sharyn Mittelman & Or Avi-Guy

Bethlehem is not a typical film about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Instead, its Israeli director Yuval Adler and screenwriter Ali Waked, an Arab journalist, have created a nuanced and complex portrait of divided loyalties that takes it beyond the news headlines. Praised in some quarters - incl

War crimes in Gaza?

War crimes in Gaza? Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: David Knoll

Riad Malki, the Palestinian Foreign Minister, reportedly has approached International Criminal Court officials in the Hague to discuss "putting Israel in the dock on war crimes charges". The Palestinian plan reportedly is to "join the ICC and set a war crimes investigation in motion to be one of the

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Robert Ellenhorn

Since Israel's unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, and the subsequent take over of the strip in a violent coup by Hamas in 2007, Israel has faced an evolving threat from the coastal enclave. For most of that period, Israel's primary security and strategic concern in regards to Gaza was preventi

The Media Failure in Gaza Categories: Israel, Media/ Academia, Palestinians     Author: Eytan Gilboa

The media is the main source of information about damage to infrastructure and casualties, especially civilian. Western media coverage of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza has been marred by an anti-Israeli bias and professional and ethical failures.

Hamas left eyeless in Gaza

Hamas left eyeless in Gaza Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Named by the IDF Operation Protective Edge, successor to Pillar of Defence in 2012 and Cast Lead of 2008-09, the fighting had yet to produce a ceasefire by mid-August - and on the night of 19 August it resumed, when rockets were fired from Gaza several hours ahead of an extended five-day ceasefire's

Scribblings: The price of a gross over-reaction

Scribblings: The price of a gross over-reaction Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

There have been a lot of costs to the over-the-top reaction among many commentators, activists and political leaders to the undoubtedly tragic situation in Gaza over recent weeks. The inability of so many to view the confronting and emotive images coming out of Gaza with some perspective is somethin

Editorial: Part of the Problem Categories: Israel, Palestinians, United Nations     Author: Colin Rubenstein

While the conflict between Hamas and Israel begins to resemble a protracted war of attrition, the unhelpful and dysfunctional role that most of the United Nations' organs have played in the unfolding drama is becoming clearer. Like so many times before, when dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conf

Seeing the light: Hamas' terror tunnels

Seeing the light: Hamas' terror tunnels Categories: Israel, Op-eds, Palestinians     Author: Glen Falkenstein

It takes us a little bit to our childhood fairy tales of demons... [the] environment I live in, the quiet, the green grass, the trees. It's not a pleasant thought that you sit one day on the patio drinking coffee with your wife and a bunch of terrorists will rise from the ground. Such is the realit

Gaza fighting resumes, what happens now?

Gaza fighting resumes, what happens now? Categories: Israel, Palestinians, Updates    

With Gaza fighting resuming on Tuesday when Hamas fired rockets after 8 days of agreed ceasefires, this Update is devoted to where matters might go from here. First up is Israeli journalist Shmuel Rosner, who outlines 4 different scenarios about how this round of conflict might proceed

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Hamas’ failed strategy

Hamas’ failed strategy Categories: Op-eds, Palestinians     Author: Glen Falkenstein

This morning, Israel and Hamas agreed to a 24-hour extension of a five-day truce to negotiate a longer-lasting ceasefire, following weeks of conflict. Israel wants the Gaza Strip to be demilitarised, while Hamas wants unrestricted movement in and out of Gaza, no restrictions on goods coming into the

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