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Making Sense of ISIS

Making Sense of ISIS Categories: Iran, Iraq, Islamic Extremism, Syria     Author: Shirin Lotfi

Interview: Michael Weiss - co-author with Hassan Hassan of the New York Times bestseller ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror; Senior Editor at The Daily Beast and Editor of The Interpreter Shirin Lotfi: How did you come to write this book? Michael Weiss: I've been covering the Syria conflict since its

Editorial: Containing the Damage Categories: International Security, Iran, United States     Author: Colin Rubenstein

By early September it was clear US President Barack Obama had secured the support of enough US Senators - 34, all of them from his own Democratic party - to guarantee that his promised veto of any Congressional rejection of the Iran nuclear deal - known as the JCPOA - would not be over-ridden. Indee

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Letter: Ill-conceived motion Categories: Australasia, Iran, Media Releases, Palestinians     Author: Colin Rubenstein

Wendy Turner writes in defence of the Queensland Labor conference motion to recognise a Palestinian state (Letters, 3/9). This motion is one-sided, ill-conceived and counter-productive. Motions such as this are detrimental to the cause of Middle East reconciliation...

How to Get a Better Deal With Iran

How to Get a Better Deal With Iran Categories: International Security, Iran, United States     Author: Mark Dubowitz

The Iran nuclear deal is a ticking time bomb. Its key provisions sunset too quickly, and it grants Iran too much leverage to engage in nuclear blackmail. To defuse it, the US Congress needs to do what it has done dozens of times in the past including during the Cold War in requiring changes to key U

Scribblings: CW Nightmare - leading to a nuclear one?

Scribblings: CW Nightmare - leading to a nuclear one? Categories: Iran, Syria     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

A new potential nightmare has apparently just opened up for the world, and hardly anyone seems to have noticed. According to credible media reports, US intelligence believes ISIS, the world's most dangerous terror organisation, began using chemical weapons against opposing Kurdish forces in early Au

Will Khamenei even approve the nuclear deal?

Will Khamenei even approve the nuclear deal? Categories: Iran     Author: Mehdi Khalaji

In a televised speech delivered August 17, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei commented on the P5+1 nuclear agreement in sceptical terms, noting that the decision about whether to approve the deal is still unclear in both Washington and Teheran. As he has done since July, the Supreme Leader also pointedly avoid

A Done Deal?

A Done Deal? Categories: Iran, United States     Author: Robert Satloff

A resolution to disapprove the Iran agreement may have substantial political reverberations but limited practical impact. It would not override President Obama's authority to enter into the agreement. Nor would it restrict his authority to participate in most aspects of enforcing the agreement. Inde

Arguments about the Iran Deal

Arguments about the Iran Deal Categories: International Security, Iran, Updates    

This Update features contributions to the intense debate still occurring about the G5+1 nuclear deal reached with Iran in mid-July - especially as the US Congress moves to vote on the agreement. In particular, it highlights some responses being offered to arguments for the deal being

Iran's Supreme Leader allegedly sets out in detail his program to destroy and ethnically cleanse Israel

Iran's Supreme Leader allegedly sets out in detail his program to destroy and ethnically cleanse Israel Categories: Anti-Zionism, Iran, Israel, Updates     Author: Miriam Smallman

In an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic in May, President Obama suggested that the Iranian regime's racist and antisemitic worldviews don't "preclude [them] from being rational," or from "being interested in survival." Obama acknowledged the regime's explicit antisemitism, yet then pro

Yes, there is an alternative

Yes, there is an alternative Categories: International Security, Iran, United States     Author: David Horovitz

Three months ago, defending what he called the "historic" framework understandings reached with Iran in Lausanne over its rogue nuclear program, US President Barack Obama planted a false and highly unpleasant insinuation. "It's no secret," the President declared in an April 2 address, "that the Isra

Media Microscope - Nuclear Knockout Categories: Australasia, Iran, Media/ Academia     Author: Allon Lee

Whatever the merits of the P5+1 agreement on Iran's nuclear program, its significance was not lost on the local media. ANU Professor Amin Saikal told ABC Radio Melbourne 774 "Mornings" host Jon Faine (July 15) that Iranian objections to military site inspections are reasonable to prevent "military

Shatter Zones

Shatter Zones Categories: Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen     Author: Michael J. Totten

The chattering class has spent months bickering about whether or not the United States should sign on to a nuclear deal with Iran. Hardly anyone aside from the Saudis, however, seems to recognise that the Iranian government's ultimate goal is regional hegemony and that its nuclear weapons program is

Iran Deal Empowers Hamas

Iran Deal Empowers Hamas Categories: Iran, Palestinians, Saudi Arabia     Author: Khaled Abu Toameh

Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement that has vowed to destroy Israel, is emerging as one of the biggest beneficiaries of the nuclear deal reached in mid-July between Iran and the world powers. Emboldened by the deal, Hamas is now seeking to reap the fruits by tightening its grip on the Gaza St

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