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The Truth about Iran's "Moderates"

The Truth about Iran's "Moderates" Categories: Iran     Author: Reuel Marc Gerecht

The new parliament voted in at February's end is composed of - and again the Western nomenclature is far from ideal - radical hardliners, hardliners, conservatives, and a few tepid, nervous reformers. Real reformers, Iranian politicians and intellectuals who want to change radically the governing st

Editorial: Dr. Zarif’s Friendly Face

Editorial: Dr. Zarif’s Friendly Face Categories: Australasia, Iran     Author: Colin Rubenstein

Australia recently hosted Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran's Foreign Minister - the urbane and seemingly moderate face of the Islamic regime. However, just because someone is charming and speaks English with a lovely accent, does not make him a moderate. In fact a close look at his various comments wh

Biblio File: A Reformer Reformed

Biblio File: A Reformer Reformed Categories: Iran     Author: Sohrab Ahmari

The Shi'ite Islamists who run Iran disagreed with her. In the years since her Nobel triumph, they have set out to destroy Ebadi - and have mostly succeeded. Until We Are Free is Ebadi's account of the devastation. It is a revealing and dark work, notable for the author's frank reassessment of some o

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Nuclear Outsourcing to Pyongyang?

Nuclear Outsourcing to Pyongyang? Categories: Asia, International Security, Iran     Author: Emily B. Landau & Alon Levkowitz

There is a strong possibility that Iran will continue to benefit from North Korea's nuclear advances, and some of Iran's nuclear activities might take place in North Korea itself, using the "hermit state" as a convenient backyard.

Did moderates win Iran's election?

Did moderates win Iran's election? Categories: Iran, Palestinians, Updates    

The Iranian parliamentary election last Friday is being portrayed in many news stories as a win for the "moderates." This article features some commentary that argues this is an overly-simplistic reading. It also includes a knowledgeable piece on Iran's role in financing and arrangin

Iran's Elections and the ‘Deep State'

Iran's Elections and the ‘Deep State' Categories: Iran     Author: Muhammad Sahimi

After the fraudulent presidential elections of 2009, Iran's "deep state" - the secret and semi-secret networks of hardliners in the security, intelligence and the judicial apparatus who supposedly support the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei - banned the two major political organisations of the

The Forces within the Syrian Maelstrom

The Forces within the Syrian Maelstrom Categories: Iran, Middle East, Russia, Syria     Author: Jonathan Spyer

Over the ruined landscape of northern Syria, a number of core factors which today define the strategic reality of the Middle East are colliding. Close observation of that blighted area therefore offers clues as to the current state of play more broadly in the region - who is on the way up, who on th

Iranian election shows hoped-for moderation a pipe dream

Iranian election shows hoped-for moderation a pipe dream Categories: Iran, Op-eds     Author: Colin Rubenstein

In elections on Feb. 26, Iran is set to choose a new Majlis, or parliament, as well as the "Assembly of Experts" - a body of religious scholars whose main job is to choose the Supreme Leader - currently 76-year-old Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. However, hopes that last July's nuclear deal - officially i

Madaya and an empowered Iran

Madaya and an empowered Iran Categories: Iran, Syria     Author: Avi Issacharoff

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted on Saturday, Jan. 16, that "it's now time for all - especially Muslim nations - to join hands and rid the world of violent extremism. Iran is ready."  That assertion coincided with the latest report that another resident of Madaya, the Syria

Media Microscope: A Farewell to Sanctions Categories: Australasia, Iran, Media/ Academia     Author: Allon Lee

The significance of lifting economic sanctions on Iran under the P5+1 nuclear deal was given appropriate media coverage in mid-January. On ABC Radio National "Breakfast" (Jan. 18), Teheran University's Professor Mohammad Marandi told Fran Kelly Iran has "done everything they were supposed to do and

Deterring Iran

Deterring Iran Categories: International Security, Iran     Author: Michael Herzog

As the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 goes into effect with the announcement of Implementation Day and the lifting of major international sanctions on Jan. 16, the huge challenge of making it work still lies ahead for the international community. While the deal's prospects will primarily be

China goes to the Middle East

China goes to the Middle East Categories: China, Iran, Middle East, Saudi Arabia     Author: Michael Singh

Even as the Iran nuclear deal and the potential for rapprochement between Teheran and the West have inspired countless op-eds, China's budding relationship with Iran has gone relatively unremarked upon. But on Jan. 23, Chinese President Xi Jinping became the first world leader to visit Iran after th

Editorial: The Opposite of Moderation Categories: International Security, Iran     Author: Colin Rubenstein

Those who were hoping last year's nuclear deal would lead to positive change in Iranian politics and foreign policy can be assured that change does indeed appear to be occurring. Unfortunately for the world, however, virtually all change so far appears to be for the worse.

Sanctions lifted despite Iran’s provocations

Sanctions lifted despite Iran’s provocations Categories: Europe, Iran, United States, Updates     Author: Sharyn Mittelman

On Saturday, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) declared that Iran had complied with the July nuclear agrement.  The removal of sanctions came despite a number of criticisms of the IAEA's December report on Iran's progress in complying with the deal, as well as recent provocations by

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