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Behind the News - March 2018

Behind the News - March 2018 Categories: Egypt, Hamas, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey    

American and British officials have revealed that Israel has been actively assisting Egypt in its prolonged war against jihadists and ISIS terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula. The collaboration over more than two years has seen a variety of unmarked Israeli aircraft such as drones, helicopters and jet

All roads lead to Teheran

All roads lead to Teheran Categories: Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Palestinians, Syria     Author: Eyal Zisser

An escalation of violence on the Gaza border came on Feb. 17, precisely one week after the IDF intercepted an Iranian drone over Israel, subsequently carried out broad-scale airstrikes in Syria, and an air force F-16 was downed by the Syrian military. Purportedly, the events in Gaza and the north ha

Coming soon - a Nuclear Middle East

Coming soon - a Nuclear Middle East Categories: Gulf states, Iran, Middle East     Author: Ran Porat

A new Israeli report (February 2018) reveals a dramatic trend of expanding nuclear capabilities among Arab countries over the next few years... Dozens of nuclear reactors are in various stages of planning in the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia and even Sudan (led by the wanted war

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Israel’s Iran problem heats up

Israel’s Iran problem heats up Categories: Iran, Israel, Russia, Syria     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Saturday mornings in the Jordan Valley are usually as tranquil as the fishponds that dot the river floodplains, but dawn on February 10 was different. A pilotless drone emerged from the north and glided several kilometres along the river before sparking an unprecedented Israeli-Iranian confrontation

History's real lessons on Iran

History's real lessons on Iran Categories: International Security, Iran, Op-eds     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

Several recent articles have called on President Donald Trump to change the Iran policy of the United States based on ‘past lessons' and Persian history. If we follow these writers to a logical conclusion, then they appear to accept that Iran must be appeased and accommodated, not confronted o

Teheran's Weak Hand

Teheran's Weak Hand Categories: International Security, Iran, United States     Author: Jason Brodsky

With US President Trump's decision to lay down a red line on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and slap more onerous non-nuclear sanctions on Iran, its clerical establishment has vowed a "severe response." But while Teheran's rhetoric has been threatening, its riposte is likely to be re

Protests reveal state of the Iranian "revolution"

Protests reveal state of the Iranian "revolution" Categories: Iran     Author: Jonathan Spyer

Teheran's costly policy of regional interference formed a focus for the protesters' rage. Slogans such as "Leave Syria, think about us!" and "Death to Hezbollah!" were heard. More general anti-regime slogans, including "We don't want an Islamic Republic" and "Death to the dictator" were also chanted

Iranian Protests

Iranian Protests Categories: Iran, Middle East, Updates    

This Update looks at the implications of current Iranian protests. We lead with Iranian-American Ray Takeyh's article "The Islamic Republic of Iran is doomed" in Politico Magazine.

Iran Doubling Down on its Militia Model

Iran Doubling Down on its Militia Model Categories: Iran     Author: Farzin Nadimi

Fatehin is a little-known, semi-volunteer Basij special unit from the IRGC's Muhammad-Rasul-Allah Corps. Although it is closely associated with the Quds Force's advise-and-assist mission in Syria, it is mainly tasked with infantry fighting.

Behind the News - January 2018

Behind the News - January 2018 Categories: Iran, Israel, Palestinians, Syria    

An alleged Israeli strike on an Iranian base near the Syrian city of al-Qiswa on Dec. 1 resulted in the deaths of 12 Iranian personnel, according to Arabic media. A second strike on Dec. 4 targeted a military research facility in the Jamraya area known to be producing weapons for the Assad regime.

Essay: The Missiles of November

Essay: The Missiles of November Categories: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen     Author: Uzi Rubin

Since the 2011 outbreak of what some still call with macabre humour the "Arab Spring", a bloody civil war has raged in Yemen, a war that has cost the lives of 10,000 civilians to date. This civil war is perhaps the least reported of all the upheavals to have engulfed the Arab world in the past six y

Osama bin Laden's secret diary

Osama bin Laden's secret diary Categories: Iran, Islamic Extremism, Middle East     Author: Clifford May

On May 2, 2011, a US Navy SEAL team made a brief stop in Abbottabad, Pakistan where they terminated Osama bin Laden's life and then moved on to their second mission: collecting as much information as possible from within the al-Qaeda leader's compound. They carried off computers, memoranda, photos,

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