Statement on the terrorist attacks in Denmark

Statement on the terrorist attacks in Denmark

AIJAC expresses its sincere condolences to the victims and their families of the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen on the weekend. The victims of the deadly attacks included documentary filmmaker Finn Noergaard who was killed while attending a discussion at a café on freedom of speech and Dan Uzan, a Jewish volunteer security guard who was killed while guarding a synagogue where around 80 people were celebrating a Bat Mitzvah. Five policeman were also injured in these attacks and we hope for their full recovery.

The murderous attack on Dan Uzan outside the synagogue highlights the dangers Jewish communities face around the world from growing antisemitism. It comes a month after the terrorist attack on a kosher grocery store in Paris that killed four people, two days after the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

AIJAC’s Director of International and Community Affairs Jeremy Jones noted:

“The poisonous ideology of antisemitism has, once again, resulted in tragedy. There must be zero tolerance of racism, which too often has been excused, justified or rationalised for political purposes. It is a problem in Australia, as elsewhere, and it is incumbent on our political, civil and faith leaders to condemn all manifestations of it consistently and unambiguously.”

AIJAC’s Executive Director Dr. Colin Rubenstein said:

“AIJAC stands in solidarity with the people of Denmark including its Jewish community. There is sadly a pattern emerging of attacks on symbols of freedom of speech followed by attacks on Jewish communities. Action needs to be taken to ensure that Australians of all religions can feel safe and secure wherever they may be, but particularly in places of worship, educational institutions and communal gatherings.”