AIJAC welcomes finding Leifer fit to stand trial

Media Release


AIJAC welcomes the decision by an Israeli court to accept the finding of the independent psychiatric panel that Malka Leifer is fit to stand trial in Melbourne and should be required to answer the 74 charges of child abuse that have been levelled against her.

The news that Malka Leifer is one step closer to returning to Australia is above all a testament to the tenacity, strength and courage of Dassi Erlich and her sisters Nicole Meyer and Elie Sapper, whose demand that justice be done has received widespread support and admiration both here and in Israel.

We are however disappointed that Malka Leifer has been granted yet another extension of time, meaning her extradition hearing will be held on July 20, almost two months away.

After years and years of delay and, allegedly, improper and unacceptable political interference, the sooner Malka Leifer is brought back to Melbourne to face justice, the better.

For additional information, contact AIJAC on (03)-9681-6660.