AIJAC statement on racism directed at Adam Goodes

AIJAC statement on racism directed at Adam Goodes

AIJAC is proud to have signed a joint statement last week that condemned racism directed at Adam Goodes and called for renewed efforts to stamp out racism in sport and everyday life.  The joint statement was signed by 150 organisations and was organised by ANTaR (see the statement here).

AIJAC’s Executive Director Colin Rubenstein said:

“The booing of Adam Goodes which appears in part to be racially motivated, is entirely unacceptable.  Adam Goodes is not only a great footballer but an outstanding Australian who proudly advocates for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people.  We are heartened to see the public support he is increasingly receiving and now look forward to seeing him welcomed back on the playing field. Adam Goodes should be applauded for his good works both on and off the field, and we hope that the public discussion on this issue will promote positive initiatives in and outside of the sporting arena to stamp out racism.

As Adam Goodes said in his Australian of the year speech last year:
‘… the real reward is when everyone is talking to their mates, to their families and their children, having those conversations and educating others about racism. What it looks like, how hurtful and how pointless it is and how we can eliminate it. The ultimate reward is when all Australians see each other as equals and treat each other as equals.'”