AIJAC condemns remarks by Senator Fraser Anning

Senator Anning: Maiden speech caused an uproar

Media Release


The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) today condemned remarks made by Senator Fraser Anning in his maiden speech to the Australian Senate yesterday.

“Our overwhelmingly successful Australian multiculturalism and our robust, non-discriminatory immigration policy are rightly hallmarks of our diverse and inclusive society,” said AIJAC Executive Director Dr. Rubenstein, a former member of the Council for a Multicultural Australia.

“Senator Anning’s counter-productive, crude rhetoric deserves to be condemned in the strongest terms. In particular, his reference to a ‘final solution’ to Australia’s immigration policy in such a forum is beyond deplorable and beneath the dignity of our Parliament. Even his Parliamentary colleague Bob Katter MHR, in his rambling, ill-conceived defence of Senator Anning, called the term ‘one of the worst statements in all of human history.’ Now that he has unequivocally become aware of its ugly meaning, we call on Senator Anning to offer a full and unreserved apology for his use of the term,” Rubenstein said.

“It is also very disappointing that Bob Katter has so strongly backed Senator Anning’s sentiments, and used this opportunity to cast a shameful slur at Josh Frydenberg, a proud and outspoken Jewish Member of Parliament. This represents language and sentiments that do not belong in our Parliament, Mark Leibler, AIJAC National Chairman, added.

“Both Senator Anning and Mr. Katter should also reflect on the commendable bipartisan, almost universal, condemnation of Anning’s discriminatory, outdated views among his Parliamentary colleagues,” concluded Leibler.

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