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Statement: President Trump’s recent immigration orders

Statement from AIJAC National Chairman Mark Leibler AC and Executive Director Dr. Colin Rubenstein AM on President Trump's recent immigration orders...

AIJAC statement responding to Foreign Minister Carr’s legal claims on settlements

On Friday, August 9 , AIJAC put out a statement responding to controversial remarks on Israeli settlements by Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr at Lakemba the previous day... A spokesperson for Senator Carr has now responded to criticisms of his remarks in a statement published on J-wire .... AIJAC has released the following statement in response to Senator Carr's latest comments...

Scribblings: Getting terrorism mostly right

Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to study the Australian government's new Counter-Terrorism White Paper, released on Feb. 22, as closely as I would have liked before press time. However, on a quick reading, I can say that I do think it got the main focus largely right in identifying the seriousness and nature of the threat.

Race for the White House

An issue on which Obama and McCain agree is on the need to isolate Hamas unless and until it agrees to abide by the requirements set out by the Quartet: renounce violence, recognise Israel's right to exist, and agree to abide by agreements signed by the Palestinian Authority.

Scribblings: Polling the Surge

Has the surge in Iraq worked to improve the lives of Iraqis, giving them security and the chance of better lives? You hear a lot of different views on the subject, but if you look at the views of Iraqis themselves, the answer is very clear.

Scribblings: Of Blackouts and Blockades

There is no doubt that Hamas scored a propaganda coup on January 21, when the evening news was dominated by the blackouts in Gaza, which were blamed on Israel's closing of its transit points into Gaza and limiting fuel deliveries.

Scribblings: NIE Detractors

It has been widely reported that Israeli security and intelligence officials dispute the latest American National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran, which says Iran suspended its military nuclear program in 2003.

Gaza as “Enemy territory”/ Mission Accomplished in Iraq?

The bulk of this Update analyses the Israeli cabinet decision two weeks ago to declare Gaza "enemy territory" potentially opening the way to using a variety of sanctions as a response to ongoing rocket attacks from there with the support of the Hamas authorities. In particular, it attempts to address some of the myths being spread about this decision.

Petraeus Reports on Iraq

The long-awaited reports on the state of the Iraq troop "surge" strategy were made in Washington yesterday by the US Commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, plus the US Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker, who dealt with military and political progress respectively.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq – and their Sunni tribal opponents

Excellent reporting and analysis about the changing situation in Iraq continues to appear, and some more of it is featured in this Update.