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Interview: AIJAC’s Jeremy Jones with SBS Radio’s Nitza Lowenstein on promoting...

AIJAC's Jeremy Jones interviewed on SBS Radio about promoting tolerance and understanding in Australia

Racist bullying incidents are a call to action

The reverberations from media reports that two Melbourne students were subjected to humiliating anti-Semitic abuse have been felt in Jewish communities around the world. How could this happen in an enlightened society, ask well-meaning people.

Toe to Toe

AIJAC submitted a series of 12 policy questions to the campaigns of both Prime Minister Scott Morrison, leading the Liberal-National Coalition, and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, leading the Australian Labor Party (ALP), to help our readers and supporters make an informed decision as they go to the polls on May 18.

Biblio File: Wall to Wall

The theme that we are morally obliged to demolish the barriers dividing us is that of Tim Marshall’s new book, which, while cleverly constructed and elegantly argued, devalues the protective function of walls and at times unfairly impugns the motives of those who build them.

Media Microscope: Fanning the flames

The Cassandras were out and about in August, warning that multiculturalism has failed in Australia.  Formerly One Nation Senator Fraser Anning, now in Katter’s Australian...

AIJAC condemns remarks by Senator Fraser Anning

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) today condemned remarks made by Senator Fraser Anning in his maiden speech to the Australian Senate yesterday.

Letter: Multiculturalism makes core values stronger

It is disappointing that Andrew Bolt (August 2) sees only the trees of alleged failures in social cohesion rather than the forest of successful Australian multiculturalism.

Statement: President Trump’s recent immigration orders

Statement from AIJAC National Chairman Mark Leibler AC and Executive Director Dr. Colin Rubenstein AM on President Trump's recent immigration orders...

AIJAC statement responding to Foreign Minister Carr’s legal claims on settlements

On Friday, August 9 , AIJAC put out a statement responding to controversial remarks on Israeli settlements by Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr at Lakemba the previous day... A spokesperson for Senator Carr has now responded to criticisms of his remarks in a statement published on J-wire .... AIJAC has released the following statement in response to Senator Carr's latest comments...

Scribblings: Getting terrorism mostly right

Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to study the Australian government's new Counter-Terrorism White Paper, released on Feb. 22, as closely as I would have liked before press time. However, on a quick reading, I can say that I do think it got the main focus largely right in identifying the seriousness and nature of the threat.