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The Syrian Opposition/Russia and Syria

The Syrian Opposition/Russia and Syria Categories: Russia, Syria, Updates    

Today's Update focuses on the situation in Syria and especially on what is known about the varied opposition to the Assad regime. The first piece up comes from Nic Robertson of CNN, who just returned from a visit to Syria which is something increasingly rare for Western journalist

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Moscow Express Categories: Israel, Russia     Author: Yehonathan Tommer

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's secret visit to Moscow on September 7 sparked a wave of speculation in the Israeli media. When rumours of the trip circulated a few days later, Netanyahu's advisers confirmed that the prime minister's unscheduled trip was part of an ongoing dialogue with R


Russian Roulette on Iran Categories: International Security, Iran, Russia    

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been the most important barrier to stronger UN sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, visited Iran this week and made some statements that seem likely to reinforce Iranian intransigence and also promised to finish the Bushehr nuclear reactor.

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