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Recasting the Sinai Triangle

Recasting the Sinai Triangle Categories: Egypt, Islamic Extremism, Israel, Terrorism     Author: Ehud Yaari

Over the past year, Israel and Egypt have used a little-known, legally permissible understanding - the Agreed Activities Mechanism - to bypass restrictions on the number and type of Egyptian forces permitted in much of the Sinai. As a result, considerable Egyptian army forces are now constantly depl

Egypt's future/ Israel's Bedouin policies

Egypt's future/ Israel's Bedouin policies Categories: Egypt, Israel, Updates    

This Update deals with the situation in Egypt - where the military government of General Abd el Fattah el-Sisi seems to be consolidating power as it continues its relentless crackdown on the deposed Muslim Brotherhood and has just placed former President Mohammed Morsi on trial. On a

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The Yom Kippur War in Australian editorials and analysis

The Yom Kippur War in Australian editorials and analysis Categories: Australasia, Egypt, Media/ Academia, Middle East, Palestinians, Syria, United Nations, United States, Updates     Author: Ahron Shapiro

In June, AIJAC took a look back at the coverage of the Six Day War of 1967 in two major Australian newspapers, the Age of Melbourne and the Sydney Morning Herald. Now, in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, we open the archives once again to look at the coverage of that war

The Yom Kippur War - 40 years on

The Yom Kippur War - 40 years on Categories: Egypt, Israel, Syria, Updates     Author: Ahron Shapiro

On October 6, 1973, as Israelis observed Yom Kippur - the holiest day in the Jewish calendar - the Egyptian and Syrian armies launched simultaneous surprise offensives against Israel across the ceasefire lines from the 1967 war. Four decades later, the consequences and lessons of the 19-day war are

Indonesia – The Model?

Indonesia – The Model? Categories: Asia, Egypt     Author: Giora Eliraz

From the very start of the Arab uprisings, more than two-and-a-half years ago, analysts looked to Indonesia, home of the largest Muslim community in the world, to better understand how transitions to democracy could be rendered compatible with Islam and applied to the Middle East. To be sure, Indone

As Egypt bleeds

As Egypt bleeds Categories: Egypt, Israel     Author: Amotz Asa-El

"We must get possession of Egypt," wrote Napoleon two years before he sailed to Alexandria and marched on Cairo. More than two centuries later, Egypt's military leaders likely thought something similar as their soldiers opened fire on Islamist demonstrators, leaving Western diplomats alarmed, Egypti

Scribblings: The Other Settlements Categories: Antisemitism, Egypt, Israel     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

As has become routine, there were widespread statements of condemnation from various international players after Israel announced in mid-August that it would be approving just over 2,000 new units in east Jerusalem neighbourhoods and certain large settlements. Never mind that every single one of the

The Egypt Policy Dilemma

The Egypt Policy Dilemma Categories: Egypt, Updates    

This Update discusses the major policy dilemmas posed for Western leaders - and especially the US - by the situation in Egypt in the wake of the bloody crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters by the military government there over the past week and a half. First up is

Whither Egypt?

Whither Egypt? Categories: Egypt, Updates    

The tense, confused and often violent situation in Egypt took as significant turn for the worse Wednesday with an army crackdown on sit-in protests supporting ousted Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi which seems to have reportedly left hundreds dead. While it is too early for

The Old Order Strikes Back

The Old Order Strikes Back Categories: Egypt, Middle East     Author: Jonathan Spyer

The toppling of the Muslim Brotherhood power in Egypt by the army is an event of historic importance. It is important chiefly because it represents an enormous setback in a process which only a few months ago looked inexorable and unstoppable. That process was the replacement of the military-republi

Back to the Future

Back to the Future Categories: Egypt     Author: Jacques Neriah

In Egypt on July 3, 2013, for the first time in the modern history of the Middle East, an Islamocracy was ousted from power. The Muslim Brotherhood's 80-year dream to take over Egypt ended in a fiasco, barely one year after one of its own was democratically elected to the office of President of Egyp

Squeezing Hamas for the Sake of Peace

Squeezing Hamas for the Sake of Peace Categories: Egypt, Palestinians     Author: Jonathan Schanzer

The downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt earlier this month has been widely described as a blow to Hamas and its de facto government in the Gaza Strip, but the real damage has been to the Islamist group's pocketbook. The Egyptian Army's ongoing operations against the subterranean t

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