Video: Dr. Jonathan Spyer on The States of Flux in the Middle East

Dr. Jonathan Spyer, Director of the Rubin Centre in Israel, spoke at an AIJAC function in Melbourne on the continuing instability in the Middle East. Recorded 27 August 2015.

AIJAC guest Dr. Jonathan Spyer’s media coverage on his recent visit to Australia:

• Interviewed for an article in the Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper published on 24 August.

• Audio of his interview with Steve Austin on the Morning program on ABC Radio 612 in Brisbane broadcast on 24 August.

• Audio of his interview with Rafael Epstein on the Drive program on ABC Radio 774 in Melbourne broadcast on 24 August. The interview starts at 1:42:37.

• Video of his interview with Chris Kenny on the Viewpoint program on Sky News broadcast on 28 August.