Whitney Houston’s Israel connection, Al-Qaeda endorse Syrian Spring and Jordan and Iran battling of Springs of their own – Daily Dose

Whitney Houston's Israel connection


  • One group who are mourning more than most for the recently deceased pop diva Whitney Houston are the Black Hebrews, a community of African-American Jews who live in the town of Dimona in South Israel. Houston had a close connection with the group and had been quoted as saying she “felt at home in Israel”. For a photo gallery of Houston and the Hebrews, see here. (Jerusalem Report,JPostHuffpo)


  • The Agence France-Presse is coming under criticism for an allegedly staged photo of a Palestinian man being run over by Israelis. (JPost)

Arab Spring


  • Jordan is concerned that its exclusion of its ethnically Palestinian citizens may backfire in Arab Spring style protests. (JPost)


  • Preparing for a “Spring” of its own, Iran has blocked social media sites just before the anniversary of its 1979 Islamic Revolution. (Haaretz)